ACF Resource Libraries

screenshot of FYSB resource library

The new ACF website features robust, browseable, searchable resource libraries that will allow users to easily find what they are looking for. 

Each program office has developed a wide variety of resources to connect with applicants, grantees, partners and the public. Via the new resource library functionality, users are able to:

  • Search for a particular resource by keyword
  • Browse resources by specific program, topic area, type and publication date
  • Sort by most frequently requested resources and latest posted resources

Users have the immediate choice to browse resources by topic area or to search for a specific resource by keyword. Users are also greeted with a set of featured resources, which help guide them to important resources. Further down the page, a quick access list of the most recent and most requested resources can be found.

Once search criteria has been selected, the user is presented with a page of results that match that criteria. Search criteria may be changed at any time to narrow or broaden results. The user is also able to sort results by most recent and most requested. Newly added resources are indicated with a gold “NEW” ribbon, so frequent users can easily see which resources have been added since their last visit.

The goal of this new library structure is to make it easier for all users to find exactly what they are looking for in the most efficient way possible. Also, by classifying resources with standardized naming conventions, users will be able to find related information very quickly and perhaps discover a helpful resource that otherwise would have been buried in a list of links.

Explore the resource library most relevant to you by going to the program office page and locating the "Resources" or "Grantee Resources" tab.

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