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Carryover Budget

Published: May 1, 2013
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A carryover budget is when unobligated balances from a budget period that has ended are carried forward into the current budget period to support incomplete activities from the budget period in which funds were originally awarded.

Who can request spending authority for a COB?

Grantees with multi-year grants may request a carryover budget (COB) from one year to the next if the funds are for project activities that were not accomplished during a previous budget period.  Prior to submitting a request, the grantee must ensure that the amount requested for the COB is still in their payment management system account and that they are current in their financial and programmatic reporting.  If unsure, they should contact their OGM grants management specialist.

When can you request a COB?

A COB should be submitted as early as possible in the subsequent budget period once the incomplete activities and the unobligated balance have been identified.

What should I include in the COB request?

  • A letter written on letterhead requesting the Carry Over Budget. This letter should include the exact dollar amount of the request, a detailed description of approved grant activities from the budget period corresponding to un-obligated funds, an explanation of why these activities were not completed, and a specific plan for completing these activities in the current budget period.  Note: Un-obligated funds can only be carried over to complete activities or objectives that were not completed in the original budget period for which the funds were awarded.
  • A SF-424 including the COB request amount only. The COB request amount includes the federal carryover amount plus 20% of the total COB budget for the Non Federal Share contribution. The 20% NFS match should be included on the SF-424 even if it was met in the previous budget period.
  • A SF-424A which breaks down the COB amount per budget category. The SF-424A should also include 20% of the total COB for the Non Federal Share. If NFS was previously obligated, please include in Other.
  • A line item budget that includes the following:
    • A column demonstrating the current approved budget, this includes the title and amount for each approved line item before carryover funds are added.
    • A column demonstrating the carryover request. This should identify the line item(s) where carryover funds will be added and the amount.
    • If the non federal share obligation was not met during the period from which carryover funds resulted, the line item budget must include an additional column demonstrating the outstanding non federal share. (See the template COB request for an example of the preferred format for the line item budget).
  • A Budget Justification Narrative that justifies the increase to approved line items for COB amounts only.
  • An updated SF-425 that shows the un-obligated balance is equal to the amount that is being requested. This SF-425 should be marked FINAL and will most likely be from the 4th quarter of the budget period that resulted in the carryover amount.
  • A revised OWP that includes incomplete activities from the previous budget period along with revised expected completion dates assuming the COB is approved.
  • Current Indirect Cost Agreement, if applicable.

Additional Requirements:

Grantee must ensure that the COB amount is still in their Payment Management Account (PMS). If unsure, they should contact their OGM Specialist.

Where do I submit the COB request?

Complete all necessary documents and submit them electronically via Grantsolutions.gov, These can be uploaded to GrantSolutions as .pdf or other file types.  The forms and certifications can be completed and submitted through GrantSolutions by the Authorizing Official or the Principal Investigator/Project Director.

Grantees may always contact their program specialist or TA provider to review their carryover budget before submission.

See the attached Carryover Budget request with budget template.