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Reference Guide for Native American Family Preservation Programs

Published: November 19, 2009
Social and Economic Development Strategies (SEDS)
Best Practices, Grantee Resources, Project Management, Strengthening Families
Family Preservation, Financial Education, Healthy Marriage, Parenting, Relationship Education, Youth Program

A group of 9 family members, adults and children, standing together in a park as part of United American Indian Involvement's StThis Reference Guide is designed to assist Family Preservation program providers. It offers resources, strategies, and lessons learned on the predominant topics on which Family Preservation programs focus, including: 1) implementing family strengthening/relationship education programs; 2) delivering relationship education programming to married and unmarried adults, as well as youth; 3) providing financial education to couples; 4) addressing challenges to family stability such as substance abuse, domestic violence, and gambling; and 5) offering parenting education, including guidance for fathers and grandparents.

In creating this document, the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center (NHMRC) gathered information from several Native American cultural experts as well as Family Preservation program providers. The Reference Guide includes resources in categories specific to serving Native American populations, as well as more generalized resources that a relationship skills instructor serving any population could find useful. It was created to serve as a repository of ideas, strategies, and techniques that Family Preservation program providers can adapt to fit their own community’s needs.

6 project staff and participants stand together in a conference room, as part of Sanctuary Incorporated of Guam's Relationship IA group of participants in the Native Village of Afognak's Strengthening Families project dance together in a gymnasium.