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The ANA Messenger: Native Languages Edition 2014

Published: February 19, 2014
Native Languages
Grantee Resources, Language Immersion

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Upcoming ANA Language Events for 2014

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Upcoming Webinars:
As part of ANA’s weekly webinar series, we have planned several webinars that will be of special interest for Native Language grantees and programs. We encourage you to participate in these if they fit your schedule, Thursdays at 3:00PM eastern time. 

February 20, 2014: Native Languages in Early Childhood Settings, a joint webinar with ANA, OHS and Dept. of Education.  We will discuss how to use or adapt a non-native curriculum in a language immersion setting, strategies to overcome challenges to parent involvement in Native American language learning, and developing indigenous/heritage language fluency measures for preschoolers.

April 10, 2014: The Native Language Tipping point: Getting from “endangered” to “thriving”. There seems to be a lot happening in communities, as well as at the state and federal level to support Native American languages. This webinar will be about focusing that momentum to turn the tide on language loss.

May 22, 2014: Native Language revitalization in urban and other multi-indigenous language settings. There are special challenges when in a non-tribal setting or in a multi-indigenous language setting. We will explore those obstacles and how some organizations and tribes are addressing them.

(August or September) (Date to be confirmed) Native Languages- Strategies for Sustainability

November 6, 2014: Champions of Native Languages: inspiration and lessons from leaders in the field about keeping the passion and effecting change.

Missed a webinar? Find recordings of these as well as others about three weeks after the webinar date on the ANA Resources tab keyword: webinar.

National Native Language Summit:
Those of you who were ANA Language grantees in 2011 may have attended our ANA Language Symposium at Mystic Lake, MN. We are excited to announce that we have received approval to host a similar convening this year, as part of the ACF Tribal and Native American grantee meeting. The date for the language summit will be Friday June 20th, the final day of the ACF Tribal and Native American grantee meeting and we will be inviting the Department of Education, the Department of Interior Bureau of Indian Education and other federal partners to participate in this one day summit.

We are discussing the theme and one possibility is for it to be related to Data/Assessment. One day is not a lot of time, and we want the Summit to be action oriented and have some deliverables that will move the field forward.  Stay tuned on the ANA website for more details.

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