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The ANA Messenger: Social Development Edition 2013

Published: September 26, 2013
Social and Economic Development Strategies (SEDS)

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National Native American Responsible Fatherhood Day

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On June 15, 2013, Native American Fatherhood & Families Association (NAFFA) in cooperation with the Administration for Native Americans (ANA) reached out to Native communities across the country in celebrating the First Annual National Native American Responsible Fatherhood Day.  We wanted a special day set aside to honor and celebrate the importance of fatherhood and the great contribution these fathers bring to strengthening their families.  Fathers are the solution to challenges Native American communities face and are the greatest untapped resources.  There is an immediate need to bring them back to their innate leadership role as fathers as established by their fore fathers.  The family is at the heart of Native American cultures.  There is no other work more important than fatherhood and motherhood.

NAFFA reached out to all the tribes by contacting each tribal leader and the Native communities involved in our Fatherhood Is Sacred program.  This year 27 departments, communities and tribes participated in this historic event.  Each group decided what would be best for their community and the events varied ranging from barbeques, family picnics, Fun Runs, golf tournaments, recognizing fathers within the communities and presenting them to the community.  The Muckleshoot Indian Tribe Child and Family Services even attended a Seattle Mariners baseball game as a family outing.

By recognizing fathers and having an annual Native American Responsible Fatherhood Day we are hoping that each Native community will see how important fathers are and the value they bring to their families and community.  Next year we hope to get the word out not only to tribal leaders, but to each department within the community.  The 2nd National Native American Responsible Fatherhood Day will be June 14, 2014.  We hope more tribes across the country will join us in recognizing and celebrating the importance of Fatherhood.

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