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The ANA Messenger: Social Development Edition

Summer 2012

Published: September 20, 2012
Social and Economic Development Strategies (SEDS), All

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ANA 2012 Panel Review

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The annual panel review effort for ANA has come to a close.  This year ANA conducted a panel review of applications submitted under the Environmental Regulatory Enhancement (24 applications), Language Preservation and Maintenance (101 applications), and Esther Martinez Initiative (14 applications) Funding Opportunity Announcements early in the month of March.  The Social and Economic Development Strategies (203 applications) panel review followed from the end of March to mid-April.  These two review sessions were conducted via a hybrid method.  Panelists accessed applications offsite to begin reading and scoring, then met briefly in Baltimore, Maryland to conduct their panel discussions and finalize application scores.  Sixty-four facilitators and reviewers participated in the first session, and 100 participated in the second session.  Panel members were from all regions of the country, including Alaska and the Pacific Basin. 

As always, ANA feels tremendous gratitude toward the community members who spend their time reading and reviewing applications, then discussing them thoughtfully amongst their peers.  ANA is always so appreciative of the hard work and dedication of our facilitators and reviewers.  During these onsite discussion sessions there is always an opportunity to network, meet with old friends and new, and share amongst each other our various cultures.

At the close of our two hybrid sessions, we enjoyed a presentation from two of our grantees, who also served as reviewers.  Terrie Kinsley, from the Sac and Fox Nation, reminded all of us there are people attached to these applications, community people hoping for funding to do the work needed in each community.  Terrie discussed her Master Apprentice language project.  The ongoing theme for this presentation focused on how these projects are about the people we serve, not just some statistic we are reading on paper.  There is a dire need to capture the language of our communities and to ensure it is preserved. The elders are a precious resource in passing down this information, and unless the communities take action, this precious information will be lost.  Ms. Kinsey went on to present the many faces of learning in the Sac and Fox language program which was a spectrum of the younger generation to the elders of the Sac and Fox Community.

Eddie Halealoha Ayau shared the social development project, Hui Ho’oniho, from his community, a comprehensive masonry teaching curriculum to restore and build contemporary structures in Native Hawaiian communities.  This project was to restore traditional cultural stone structures and sites in disrepair and build contemporary cultural structures and sites.  Participants attended workshops where masons taught and filmed stone-setting techniques; the footage was used to develop a Hawaiian masonry curriculum.  Halealoha shared the DVD with our panel review participants.  It helps bring to view full circle the end product from one of the groups, which began as an application read in previous years.

This year ANA also conducted a panel review session entirely offsite. Applications submitted under the Native Assets Building Initiative (6 applications) and Tribal Governance Funding Opportunity Announcements (47 applications) were reviewed during this recently concluded session.  Twenty-eight reviewers and facilitators received access to applications on June 29th and completed their reviews July 16th. 

ANA received 450 new grant applications with a total demand for funding exceeding $250 million.  The table below shows the number of applications received and funding requested (for the duration of the projects) by Funding Opportunity Announcement.

FY 2012 ANA Applications Received & Total Demand for Project Funding

Funding Opportunity Announcement Total Number of Applications Received Total Project Funding Requested

Social & Economic Development Strategies (SEDS)



SEDS - Tribal Governance



SEDS - Native Asset Building Initiative



Native Language Preservation & Maintenance



Native Language Preservation & Maintenance - Esther Martinez Initiative



Environmental Regulatory Enhancement








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