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The ANA Messenger: The Economic Development Issue

Winter 2012

Published: March 8, 2013
Social and Economic Development Strategies (SEDS), All

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Panel Review 2013

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The Administration for Native Americans (ANA) promotes self-sufficiency for Native Americans by providing discretionary grant funding for community based projects and training and technical assistance to eligible tribes and native organizations. ANA provides assistance to implement and develop projects related to Social and Economic Development Strategies, Environmental Regulatory Enhancement, and Native Languages (Preservation and Maintenance and Esther Martinez Initiative). Each year, ANA convenes panels of peer reviewers to analyze and score eligible grant applications. Panel reviewer scores are used to rank eligible applications, which make panel reviewers an integral part of ANA’s funding process.

ANA’s Panel Review requires ‘reviewers’ and ‘facilitators’ who are professionals possessing subject matter expertise, experience, and qualifications relevant to ANA’s program areas. Reviewers analyze, score, and comment on grant applications. Each facilitator works with a team of three panel reviewers to facilitate discussions and consolidate comments into a summary report. The reviewers and facilitator work closely to ensure each application receives a thorough, objective review. An objective review requires reviewers and facilitators evaluate only the application as it is written by the grantee and not incorporate their own personal knowledge. Additionally, they must be familiar with the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), as their evaluation is based entirely on the criteria stated within the FOA. To ensure objectivity, ANA requires all reviewers and facilitators to verify they have no conflict of interest with any of the applications assigned to them. The ultimate goal of Panel Review, achieved through discussions between the facilitator and reviewers, is two-fold, (1) to provide scores and comments to ANA for ranking and funding consideration and (2) to provide feedback to applicants to strengthen their future application submissions.

In 2012, ANA received over 400 applications under its program areas with a total funding demand exceeding $250 million. As the 2013 Panel Review is approaching, we look forward to anticipating new applications for funding consideration. Grant reviewing is tough and demanding but incredibly rewarding. ANA relies on the recommendations produced by the panel review process; therefore, important decisions rest in the hands of panel reviewers. Everyone who participates in ANA’s Panel Review process believe in ANA’s ultimate vision: Native Communities are Thriving!

If you have not reviewed for ANA in the past and are interested in being considered for this year’s panel review, please register and create an account by going to the link below.

If you have reviewed for ANA in the past and would like to be considered for this year’s panel review, you must activate your account by logging into the system and reviewing your profile using the link below.

ANA Panel Reviewer Registration link: https://extranet.acf.hhs.gov/gaps/home.do

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