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Economic Development Guides

Published: January 1, 2006
Social and Economic Development Strategies (SEDS)
Best Practices, Economic Development, Applicant Resources, Grantee Resources, Training and Technical Assistance
Business Plan, Feasibility Study

Economic development for tribal governments and native people is critically important.  The development of independent, tribally-owned businesses is an inherent part of cultural survival, and tribes have grown stronger through these efforts.  ANA, in partnership with ACKCO, developed three Indian Business Guides on CDs for social entrepreneurs, tribal enterprises, and Indian business owners; each provides a step-by-step process for individuals and tribes interested in business development. 

Suzanne Burcell, author of the guides and member of the Karuk Tribe of California, has over 25 years experience assisting tribes, Indian entrepreneurs, and a variety of state organizations with business development. The Indian Business Guides provide clear, relevant, and culturally competent guidelines to successfully research, develop, secure funding, and implement strong businesses.

  • Section One, “Developing a Marketing Plan,” helps users learn to target a specific population and to identify aspects of this population to assist with marketing.
  • Section Two, “Performing a Preliminary Feasibility Study,” provides the user with background information to help determine the feasibility of his or her proposed business, while going into detail regarding production factors, capitalization requirements, and financial statements.  Sample worksheets include statements of cash flows, statement of operations, and risk assessment.
  • Section Three, “Preparing a Business Plan,” is an overview of the development process for a business plan.  It will assist the user in defining his or her proposed business while laying out the strategy to formulate a plan, method of production, and needs with respect to managing the new business.
  • Section Four, “Securing Financing,” compiles information developed in the earlier sections to prepare the user to approach a financial institution and request a business loan.  The focus of this section is on the 6 C’s of Success in Business: Character, Capability, Conditions, Cash, Credit, and Collateral.

The Indian Business Guides are free and available, simply call or email the ANA Helpdesk at (877) 922-9262 or ANAComments@acf.hhs.gov.  When ordering you will be able to select one, two or all three guides; the guides are tailored for social entrepreneurs, tribal enterprises, and Indian business owners.  Place your order based on what best fits your needs.