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ACF Prepares Next Generation of Elementary Students

Young children walking to school with backpacks and lunches.It’s back to school time and all across the country teachers, young children and parents are gearing up for another successful school year.

A few million students will enter school for the first time, many of whom will have been prepared for their first day by attending quality early education and child care programs.

Finding affordable, pre-school education and support for children ages birth to 5 is a priority for many Americans, especially for those coming from low-income families.

The Administration for Children and Families, Office of Head Start and Office of Child Care have released an interactive map and fact sheets that will allow users to discover the number of children served by our programs, the number of resources and staff, and the number of tax dollars spent to promote early education and school readiness in each state, tribe and territory.

Find out how ACF is making a difference in your community.

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