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ACF Celebrates Sunshine Week


A yellow graphic with the following words in blue: Sunshine Week at the Administration for Children and Families.ACF’s launch of a revamped “Reading Room” will help commemorate “Sunshine Week,” March 10-16 — a nationwide initiative to underscore the importance of open government.

Established back in 2005, Sunshine Week gives news media, civic groups, libraries, nonprofits and schools a chance to engage local, state and federal government agencies about the public’s right to information and the potential dangers of secrecy in government.

At ACF, we recognize the importance of public access to our information, such as program data, research reports and grant materials.

In 2011, we began redesigning our website to make the information you want easier to find and written in plain language.

In 2012, our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) office acquired a new database that allows program offices to upload responses to public requests, including responsive documents, which can be accessed by any of our FOIA analysts.  This new practice eliminates many human errors associated with paper documents. 

This year we’ve taken our goal of transparency even further by renovating and improving our online “Reading Room.” This revamped online public library will provide information up front, without the need for filing a FOIA request, and will add new information helpful to the public:

  • Key portions of successful grant applications in our most popular programs
  • FOIA Annual Reports
  • Convenient links to component web pages and grants forecast, featuring upcoming deadlines for new applications

Although Sunshine Week ends this Friday, our transparency work will continue year round. Our FOIA office will continue:

  • Processing FOIA requests
  • Redoubling efforts to reduce the backlog that plagues all federal agencies
  • Raising awareness among ACF personnel that the work of FOIA is everyone’s responsibility — so that citizens can know what their government is up to.

For more information about Sunshine Week activities please call our FOIA office  at 1-888-747-1861 or email

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