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Photo of teens jumping in the air.

Young People Share Their Powerful Stories With Support

Out and Up Front and FosterClub are models for how youth can speak publically about their experiences in a therapeutic, “trauma-informed” way that ensures young people’s emotional safety.

Photo of young teens carrying books.

LGBTQ Youth at High Risk of Becoming Human Trafficking Victims

LGBTQ youth are more likely than their straight counterparts to be bullied by their peers, ostracized by their communities, or fall prey to the scourge of child sex trafficking.

Photo of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

Get Ready for the Health Insurance Marketplace

An updated and a toll-free number launch today to help make it easy for consumers to learn about the new Health Insurance Marketplace.

Photo of Carlis Williams, ACF Southeast Regional Administrator.

Strategies for Strengthening At-Risk and Underserved Families

Region 4 promotes ACF’s national vision to make a positive difference in the lives of our nation’s most vulnerable children and families.

World Refugee Day 2013 alternate

World Refugee Day 2013

The United States has welcomed more than 3 million refugees to America, through resettlement from over 80 countries, including Viet Nam, countries of the former Soviet Union, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Cuba, Cambodia, Laos, Burma and Bhutan.

Photo of two youths smiling.

AdoptUSKids – An Effective Resource for Children

Today, 20,000 children from U.S. foster care previously photolisted on the AdoptUSKids website are now living with adoptive families.

Photo of several hands holding a replica of planet earth.

ORR Creates Safe Space for LGBT Refugees in the United States

ORR has established programs designed to ensure that LGBT refugees receive comprehensive, culturally-sensitive, and LGBT-friendly services and support.

Photo of a baby's face laying in a crib.

Partnering with LGBT families in Early Head Start and Head Start

Providers and federal staff are working to make Early Head Start and Head Start Centers more welcoming to LGBT families.

Photo of gay couple, one man hugging another.

Research on the Human Service Needs of LGBT Populations

ACF has taken steps to strengthen services for LGBT populations, who may be disproportionately at risk of poor outcomes related to health, economic security and social well-being.

Sihoulette of father holding up a baby on the beach during a sunset.

Father Figures Making a Difference

Today's fathers contribute to their children's overall development and well-being in many ways.

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