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Want to Serve Your Country? Apply to be an HHSentrepreneur

A road sign that reads innovation with a bright blue sky in the background.By the Office of Family Assistance's HHSentrepreneurs Team

Want to participate in high-risk, high-reward projects while solving some of the nation’s biggest problems? Want to be a catalyst for change and revolutionize the way government works? If so, apply to participate in the HHSentrepreneurs Program! The HHSentrepreneurs Program connects innovators and entrepreneurs from outside federal government with internal innovators to work on projects that address some of the biggest challenges in health, health care and human services.

This cohort of HHSentrepreneurs will further push the boundaries of how government does business by bringing in new concepts and skills to work on six high impact projects using data visualization, predictive analytics, and agile development to enhance government program efficiency and effectiveness. 

One of the six programs selected for the second cohort comes from the Administration for Children and Families’ Office of Family Assistance (OFA).  OFA provides $235 million in discretionary grants annually to improve the lives of low-income families by promoting economic self sufficiency, responsible fatherhood, healthy marriages and family strengthening.  Two issues arise with monitoring awarded grants:

  1. Service delivery does not always align with the day-to-day realities and challenges faced by low-income individuals and families, interfering with clients’ abilities to access and benefit from the programs our grantees provide; and
  2. Grantees may not have the staff, time or expertise to conduct analyses and/or develop solutions to address these barriers. 

To address these issues, OFA seeks to use novel approaches such as design thinking, lean start up and other methodologies to create low-cost, replicable approaches to asses client problems, and improve and modernize interactions with grantees (e.g. by creating new program offerings, mobile applications, and/or alternative service delivery modes).

Are you interested in helping OFA tackle this challenge and work together with its grantees to find new innovative solutions?  If so, please apply.  OFA is looking for highly talented professionals from non-federal backgrounds such as business, industry, and academia who seek to bring successful innovation experiences, models, and business practices to the Department. Now seeking applicants until Friday, Aug. 16, the second cohort of the HHSentrepeneurs Program is looking to place six to eight external entrepreneurs into six projects starting in the fall of 2013.

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