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Who Has Time for Preparedness Anyway?

Emergency Response

Photo of a mom, dad, son and daughter at the kitchen counter.September is National Preparedness Month and let’s be honest if you’re a parent and are reading this, it’s also back to school time, busy time at work, etc. But my job here is to remind you that you need to have a preparedness plan, a family communication plan and of course the infamous disaster kit. Let’s try and simplify things because the more intense it is the chances are it’s not going to happen with our busy schedules – sad but true.

So let’s start with the simple one, at least almost:

  1. A communication plan/card of information – it’s very simple, all you have to do is fill it out and I will tell you, that alone, will make you feel a lot better – knowing that your entire family is on the same page with the information (you can even have it laminated and update it with each major event – new jobs, new schools, graduations, etc.): click here.
  2. If you actually opened the previous document you noticed that it also had extra information included that could also be a part of your family emergency preparedness plan, like an out-of-town contact person, a neighborhood meeting place, and an out-of-town meeting place. These are all really important details that should be in your family emergency plan – two out of three steps are almost done.
  3. Lastly, the disaster kit. It’s already hard to get groceries on a weekly basis let alone now adding disaster kit stuff to the list. Well, just a few tips when putting yours together. Buy things when they’re on sale like non-perishable foods, first aid kits, etc. That stuff goes on sale sometimes and I recently found out that Virginia has a sales tax holiday for hurricane and emergency preparedness equipment – check your state for these kinds of perks too. Visit to get help building your Basic Disaster Supplies Kit.

Make sure to include your kids in planning, and if they’re not old enough make sure you keep them in mind when packing your kits and creating your family plans.

Don’t forget to do some simple things like make sure your cell phone is hooked up to wireless alerts and do the easy things that will make a huge difference in your family’s life.

Finally, some humor to go along with how we think of disaster preparedness: View the "Seat of Your Pants" emergency preparedness video 

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