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An Update from the Office of Family Assistance on the Health Profession Opportunity Grants Program

Photo of students enrolled in the Health Profession Opportunity Grants Program.This time of year our office is flooded with semi-annual progress reports from our discretionary grantees. The reports our grantees submit include essential information that describes the progress of their programs. What’s important to remember is that the data in these reports reflects real people whose lives are being touched by our grants.

One of my discretionary grant programs, the Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG), produced a video that features program participants. More than 11,000 HPOG participants have completed a health care occupational training program, and approximately 9,000 have begun work, many in the health care sector. Those aren’t just numbers. Those are people. Check out the video to hear and learn about some of their experiences:

To learn more about HPOG, visit

Earl Johnson is the director of the Office of Family Assistance. Prior to joining ACF, Earl was senior Policy Advisor to Oakland, California Mayor Ron Dellums, where he was responsible for helping set policy and program goals for the city in the areas of workforce, health and urban affairs.  He also worked with the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships on fatherhood initiatives.

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