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Hunting, fishing, welding and health care: James' #GetCovered story

Affordable Care Act

By Salim Zymet, Digital Advisor, Department of Health and Human Services

For James, a 29 year old in Pensacola, FL, a normal week involves hunting, welding, fishing, and before January 1st, worrying about his lack of health insurance.

“I’ve always been able to afford health insurance—they just wouldn’t cover me, because I’m a diagnosed diabetic. Being without health insurance was terrifying because you could be bankrupted by someone else not paying attention on the road. Or what if something bad happened in the shop?”

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, James was able to enroll in coverage without worrying about his pre-existing condition.

“It was one of the most relieving things ever. The Affordable Care Act is literally allowing me to pursue my dreams rather than be chained to an employer for the benefits.”

Watch James’ healthcare story above—then make sure you’re covered by visiting today.

Last Reviewed: March 1, 2016
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