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We Got Them Covered!

Affordable Care Act enrollment photo featuring Cassandra “Cassy” Stauffer.By Darlene Tart, Special Initiatives Coordinator, ACF Region III

Cassandra “Cassy” Stauffer can breathe a sigh of relief – literally and figuratively! Why? Because she got enrolled and can take care of her asthma! Casey was able to select an affordable healthcare plan at the ACF Region 3 enrollment event held at the Delaware Valley Association for the Education of Young Children Conference (DVAEYC) held in Philadelphia on March 21-22. The conference is an annual forum for early childhood teachers and practitioners from the Philadelphia area to learn best practices and models and to receive continuing education units. This year’s conference attracted over 500 participants each day!

Cassy suffers from asthma and before enrolling, did not have health insurance. She tried to get health insurance before, but coverage options were: “awful plans that were way out of my budget.”

So when she saw the ad in the conference brochure announcing the ACA enrollment event, she quickly made an appointment – and it paid off!With help from La Esperanza Health Assister Michael Ginyard, she was able to find a plan that met her medical and budget needs.

“Mr. Ginyard was beyond helpful. He showed me how to navigate the website and even took the time to explain the different terminology. He and the exhibitors (Lekaisha Nishimura, Child Care Specialist and Darlene Tart, Special Initiatives Coordinator) made sure I left satisfied. I feel a huge pressure off of me,” she said.

Affordable Care Act enrollment photo featuring Miatta Harris with a navigator.Miatta Harris was another happy customer. La Esperanza Health Assister Rose Mack helped her complete an application she had already started. Miatta said she was “glad she stopped by” the enrollment table, since she was really only interested in picking up material from the ACF exhibit.

“This is one less thing I have to worry about. I’m grateful and am going to tell my friends and family that they better get moving!” Miatta said.

The open enrollment period ended on March 31.  Assisters will make sure that people who started their applications as late as March 31 get covered. Just like Election Day, if you are in line when the polls closed you get to vote!

Several other conference participants came by the ACF Exhibit and Enrollment Table to get information on how they too, could get enrolled in health plans before the March 31 deadline. Approximately 150 pieces of ACA literature and cards were given out.

All in all, it was a great two days because We Got Them Covered!

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