Head Start

Photo of toddler crawling toward a white laptop.

More ACF programs are using social media to promote services

Every month, more Administration for Children and Families programs are coming online and promoting their services on the Internet with social media tools. Have you subscribed or “friended” these pages yet?

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Look Before You Lock

Leaving a child inside a vehicle with the windows rolled up --- even a few minutes – can have deadly consequences.  ACF is raising awareness and reminding its child care and Head Start providers and the general public to follow simple steps to avoid preventable tragedies.

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Acting Assistant Secretary George Sheldon and Puerto Rican Secretary Yenitisia Irizarry walk on the grounds of a runaway and homeless shelter in Puerto Rico.

ACF Meets with Caribbean U.S. Leaders to Discuss Partnership, Social Well-Being and Economic Development

Acting Assistant Secretary George Sheldon visited with local partners in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico to discuss flexibility within existing programs to provide necessary assistance for those most in need. Where allowable by law and regulation, ACF is ready to work with local partners to combat poverty experienced by U.S. citizens in the Caribbean.

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Head Start Competition

HHS Releases Funding Opportunities for 97 Head Start Service Areas

Today, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced the availability of Head Start funding in 97 Head Start service areas across the country.  

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Acting Assistant Secretary Sheldon plays with children enrolled in the Migrant Head Start program.

Early is Critical

In the heart of the Rio Grande Valley, just miles from the Mexican border, in the small town of Weslaco, Texas, something wonderful is happening. Inside the bright and welcoming Francisco Flores Center, dozens of young children of migrant workers are getting the foundation they need to succeed in school.

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