Human Trafficking

Photo of young Hispanic man working in a kitchen with information on an anti-Human Trafficking campaign "Look Beneath the Surface."

Human Trafficking is Modern Day Slavery

Human trafficking is tied with the illegal arms trade as the second largest criminal industry in the world after drug dealing.

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Photo of Katherine Chon

Ensuring the Well-Being of all Victims of Human Trafficking

ACF is strengthening the coordination of human trafficking victim services within HHS and across federal agencies.

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Human Trafficking Poster

Human Trafficking: Why Awareness Matters

Of all the areas of human services I’ve been involved with over the years, few are as troubling as human trafficking, the modern-day equivalent of the slave trade.

Human trafficking targets vulnerable people of all ages. Traffickers take the wages of large numbers of victims in fields and factories and enslave workers in the hotels we stay in. Traffickers mislead skilled or educated adults facing chronic unemployment with the false lure of higher paying jobs.

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