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Man woman and child crossing the street in an urban neighborhood

Supportive Housing Can Help Keep Families Together

Five sites are looking at how combining affordable rent and support services can help keep families in safe stable homes.

Teenaged boy balancing on playground climbing structure

Redefining Myself: Finding Normalcy After Congregate Care

After years in a strict environment, finding the freedom to fail.

A hand holding a pen writing in a notebook

Using Creativity and Culture to Keep Youth Gang-Free

In Los Angeles, Street Poets uses creativity and culture to foster the sense of belonging many youth crave.

Young man in sneakers walking up steps

Increasing the Educational Stability of Students in Foster Care

Frequent school changes can lead to poor academic outcomes

Logo for My Jump Vault

A New App for Youth in Foster Care

My JumpVault provides youth with a space where they can securely store and access important information.

Class act! Principal Nauiokas and students at Mott Haven Academy in the Bronx. (Photo courtesy Jessica Nauiokas)

It’s Time for Some Stability

For many children in foster care, school is the one predictable and safe place in their life.

Smaller version of ACF 25th Anniversary Word Cloud with human services terms.

Affecting Change for Children

The Administration for Children and Families is celebrating 25 years of impacting people, affecting change and empowering families.

Photo of a Foster Care family in the park.

Celebrating Connections

May is National Foster Care Month.

Smaller RISE Logo, a project of the Los Angeles LGBT Center

New Brief Highlights the Needs of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Youth in Child Welfare Settings

Building a better understanding of the needs of LGBTQ youth in child welfare settings

Silhouettes of youth running in front of colored backgrounds.

Changing the Lives of Nine Children

Meet the DeLeon family of Texas.

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