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Teenaged boy balancing on playground climbing structure

Redefining Myself: Finding Normalcy After Congregate Care

After years in a strict environment, finding the freedom to fail.

picture of an atlas opened to the united states map

FY 2015 TANF Financial Data: How States Spent Their Funds

This year’s financial data reflects changes that offer more insight into how states actually spend their funds.

child in paper gown sitting on doctors table

Training the Medical Community to Identify Trafficking Victims

Health professionals play a critical role in combatting human trafficking.

sunset viewed through a window screen

How LIHEAP is Helping Fight Zika in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is using their funds to protect against mosquitos.

Three young adults

Helping Low-Income Adults Achieve College Success: Analysis of Career Pathways Program Study Participants

A look at risk factors for college success among group of low-income adults.

Doctors standing in a hallway looking through a window

SOAR Training to Combat Human Trafficking for Health Care and Social Service Providers Begins in August

Health care and social service providers will be taught how to stop, observe, ask, and respond to potential human trafficking victims.

Girl wearing a hat and backpack looking at a busy city street

A 100-day Challenge to End Youth Homelessness in Three Cities

The 100-Day Challenge will help catalyze community action to establish bold, creative, and innovative ways to help homeless youth find stable housing.

Outside of red brick apartment buildings.

Chicago Launches Subsidized Housing Program for Human Trafficking Survivors

Housing will help human trafficking victims stabilize their lives

Smaller version of ACF 25th Anniversary Word Cloud with human services terms.

Ensuring Secure Futures for Millions of Americans

Celebrating some of the accomplishments of ACF programs for our 25th anniversary year.

young boy looking through domed window in a playground.

A Rising Tide of Attention to the Early Childhood Workforce: Releasing the Early Childhood Career Pathway Statement

Attracting, supporting, and retaining high quality early childhood educators and program directors requires intentional policies and practices

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