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Young childs hand reaching for colored chalk

Promoting the Development of Dual Language Learners: Helping All Children Succeed

Speaking more than one language has advantages for brain development, and dual language learners need to be supported to reach their potential.

Class act! Principal Nauiokas and students at Mott Haven Academy in the Bronx. (Photo courtesy Jessica Nauiokas)

It’s Time for Some Stability

For many children in foster care, school is the one predictable and safe place in their life.

People waving rainbow flags

Overcome Bias to Serve LGBTQ Trafficking Victims

A survivor-advocate’s perspective

city skyline with bright sun and thermometer showing high temperatures

Cooling Assistance to Reduce Heat Stress

The LIHEAP program helps communities stay safe in high temperatures

Photo of three young girls who are former refugees running in a park. Photo by Georkis Ramos Quintana.

Commemorating World Refugee Day

ACF plays key role in assisting and supporting newly arrived refugees.

young central american girl smiling at the camera

Caring for Unaccompanied Children

Two years have seen many changes in caring for unaccompanied children

Photo of a silhouette of a family walking across a covered bridge.

Differential Response and Safety in Six State Child Welfare Systems

New evidence that higher rates of alternative response lead to lower risk of being reported again to child welfare in some states.

Two mothers reading a book with a child

Supporting Healthy Marriage and Relationships for LGBT Populations

Exploring how to address the unique needs of LGBT individuals and families.

Father and Son Playing Outdoor Park in Summe

A Renewed Focus on Fathers

ACF offices work inside and outside the agency to support fathers

Chris Maestas and his daughters

Federal Grant Critical to Rural Colorado Parents

Program helps noncustodial parents find jobs so they can take care of their families.

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