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Supporting Evidence-Based Home Visitation Programs to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect Project: Colorado Judicial Department

Published: December 31, 2008

This is a historical document. Use for research and reference purposes only.


Denver, Colorado

Home Visiting Program Selected:

Nurse Family Partnership

Home Visiting Target Population:

First-time, low income mothers (ages 15-20 who are fewer than 28 weeks into pregnancy) that are involved with the criminal justice system and have a known history of substance abuse.

Project Overview:
The Denver At-Home Intervention Services Initiative (DAISI) will implement the Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) as a program model for working with pregnant and first-time mothers between the ages of 15-20 years of age who are involved with the juvenile or criminal justice systems and have a history of substance abuse and mental health issues. The goals of the program are to improve prenatal health, help mothers understand child development and foster effective parenting strategies. Denver Juvenile and Family Courts and the Kempe Center will build upon their current, innovative programs to support two existing NFP sites in Denver and create a team-based, community-wide infrastructure that more effectively addresses the needs of the target population. The proposed evaluation includes an implementation analysis and a pre-post analysis of outcomes.

This is a historical document. Use for research and reference purposes only.
Last Reviewed: June 22, 2015