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Supporting Evidence-Based Home Visitation Programs to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect Project: Minnesota Department of Health State Treasurer

Published: December 31, 2008

This is a historical document. Use for research and reference purposes only.


To be determined

Home Visiting Program Selected:

Nurse Family Partnership

Home Visiting Target Population:

Families at risk for child maltreatment, including first-time parents and parents who have recently added a newborn to their family

Project Overview:
Minnesota plans a two-pronged approach to enhance, expand and sustain evidence-based home visiting programs through infrastructure development and a targeted population implementation project. To strengthen the infrastructure supporting home visiting service delivery, Minnesota will establish a system for reimbursement of evidence-based home visiting programs through publicly funded health programs; engage in joint planning to blend funding streams; award mini-grants to support startup costs for Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) implementation; and provide reflective practice, supervision, and technical assistance for new and current NFP sites. Minnesota will also implement NFP with American Indians and/or a non-English speaking immigrant/ refugee population (Hmong), two populations in Minnesota experiencing health disparities that have not previously been included in NFP randomized trials. Minnesota will work with the NFP National Office to explore the proposed adaptation of materials for the identified target population. As part of this targeted population implementation project, Minnesota will explore the feasibility of evaluating home visits delivered by a bilingual nurse compared to home visits provided by an English-speaking nurse and an interpreter.

This is a historical document. Use for research and reference purposes only.
Last Reviewed: June 22, 2015