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Title IV-E Foster Care Eligibility Reviews Peer Reviewer Recruitment

Published: March 12, 2015
Title IV-E

JBS International, Inc.'s, Child Welfare Compliance Reviews Team oversees a diverse national pool of Peer Reviewers who participate in the title IV-E foster care eligibility reviews (IV-E reviews) conducted by the Children's Bureau. The IV-E reviews are on-site reviews of title IV-E agencies (states and Tribes) to help monitor the agency's compliance in meeting federally mandated requirements, to validate the accuracy of the agency's claims for reimbursement of title IV-E payments made on behalf of children in foster care, and to identify improper payments. Qualified Peer Reviewers serve on review teams comprising federal and title IV-E agency staff.

Each review will last up to 5 days, and reviewers will participate in document reviews of foster care case records and licensing files; daily and/or final debriefings; and entrance and exit conferences. Peer Reviewers will receive an honorarium of $200 per day for time spent on site (up to 5 days), along with travel and per diem costs associated with the reviews. They may also receive $20 per hour for participating in up to 6 hours of review-related conference calls.

Upon receipt of applications, the Child Welfare Compliance Reviews Team reviews qualifications of Peer Reviewer candidates, maintains information on peer reviewer candidates' qualifications, and identifies candidates to participate in Peer Reviewer trainings. Once trained, these individuals become eligible to participate as Peer Reviewers in the IV-E reviews.

The Child Welfare Compliance Reviews Team conducts these 1-day Peer Reviewer trainings periodically as needed. Peer Reviewers receive a $150 honorarium for participating in the training (travel and per diem costs also are covered). If you are interested in serving as a Peer Reviewer, please review the qualifications and responsibilities at the links below. If you are qualified to participate, please contact the Child Welfare Compliance Reviews Team at at cw@jbsinternational.com for a Peer Reviewer Application Package.

Peer Reviewer Information

Last Reviewed: June 11, 2016