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Child Support Classroom Training for the Employer Community


Published: August 1, 2001


AUG 1, 2001


RE: Child Support Classroom Training for the Employer Community

Dear Colleague:

I am pleased to enclose the Trainer and Student training guides for Step-by-Step Child Support for Employers, a new course designed specifically for the employer community, especially payroll personnel responsible for income withholding. The content was developed in conjunction with State IV-D personnel and private sector payroll managers.

This one-day course is based on The Employer’s Desk Guide to Child Support and provides calculation exercises for a wide range of case scenarios, including multiple child support withholdings for one employee, child support with other garnishments and tax levies, and medical support. After an opening section on child support basics, the subsequent modules walk the participant through each step necessary to comply with the employer’s primary responsibilities to the child support enforcement program. State-specific laws and information may be easily placed throughout the training. You may opt to concentrate only on individual modules, depending on your audience’s needs and time constraints.

If you have suggestions or questions regarding the enclosed Step-by-Step Child Support Training for Employers, please contact Sherri Grigsby, OCSE, Employer Services Manager. Her telephone number is (202) 401-6114 and her email address is sherri.grigsby@acf.hhs.gov.


Frank Fuentes
Acting Commissioner
Office of Child Support Enforcement

Enclosure: Step-by-Step Child Support for Employers Training Course : Instructor's guide

cc: Regional Program Managers
ACF Regional Administrators
Regional Training Liaisons
National CSE Training Work Group
State Training Liaisons

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