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Clarification of AT to Claim Charge-backs for Pre-offset Notices


Published: June 25, 1996

Dear Colleague:

The following information is being sent to you to clarify instructions in OCSE AT-96-01 transmitted by DC-96-01 dated October 26, 1995 regarding the use of OCSE-131, Part 1 (Child Support Enforcement Program Financial Report) to claim charge-backs for the printing and processing of OCSE issued pre-offset notices for the Federal Tax Refund Offset Program. Please replace that portion of paragraph 3 at the top of page three of the AT with the following:

"requires the State to include the same amount on line 11 and indicate in a footnote on OCSE-131, Part 1 the amount included on line 11 for the pre-offset notice charges. A footnote is necessary because in addition to the pre-offset charges, charges for the Federal Parent Locator Service (FPLS) and the Child Support Enforcement Network (CSENet) may also be reported on line 11 and separate identification is essential. Previously, ACF was to deduct the amount from the State's grant but this unilateral action has led to some confusion in view of the other charges on line 11. Refer to paragraph III D of attachment 1 for information on the new recovery process."

Also, replace paragraph III D of attachment 1 of the AT with the following:

"The State is eligible to receive Federal funding at the regular matching rate for the costs of processing the OCSE issued pre-offset notice. The State should report the actual charges on lines 9 and 11 of the OCSE-131, part 1 with a footnote separating fees for FPLS, CSENet and the pre-offset notices. Expenditures should be reported for the quarter during which the State was advised of the amount charged to them (first quarter). A supplemental third quarter award will be issued by ACF to recover all costs listed on line 11. If this amount is not listed on line 11

on the first quarterly report and/or a check has not been received by ACF for these costs, a negative award will be issued for the cost of the offset plus interest on the third quarter report."

These two changes should assist those States that were having problems completing the quarterly OCSE-131.


David Gray Ross
Deputy Director
Office of Child Support Enforcement

cc: Regional Administrators

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