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Exchange of Successful Program and Administrative Practices


Published: November 9, 1976



November 9, 1976


SUBJECT:Exchange of Successful Program and Administrative Practices

CONTENT: This Action Transmittal announces a system of collecting and distributing Child Support Enforcement program and administrative practices that States and localities have developed and found to be beneficial. The sharing of practices among States should result in a savings of time, effort, and money that would otherwise be expended if each State developed the practice independently. Through this system of communication and exchange of good ideas, we hope the States will assist each other in reaching the goal of an efficient Child Support Enforcement program.

Identification of Successful IV-D Practices

1.We are interested in collecting and distributing information about aspects of IV-D program and administrative practices, including activities performed by courts and law enforcement officials. The following are examples of areas in which there may be particularly successful techniques identifiable in State statutory, regulatory and/or procedural systems formats:

Parent location


Paternity determination

Court processes and orders

Administrative orders and processes

(including hearings)

IV-D case management, follow-up and enforcement processes

Cooperative and purchase of service agreements Collection and distribution

Financial reporting

Other fiscal processes

Cost allocation and plans

Files and files maintenance

Records and records maintenance

Information storage and retrieval

Planning, programing, budgeting, and

budget review and analysis

Forms design and use


Staffing patterns

Work measurement

Position classification and performance standards Personnel management and supervision

Staff development/training programs, aids and publications


Corrective action planning and implementation

2.A program or administrative practice may have proven Particularly successful for various reasons, among which could be:

Simplicity of design;

Clarity of presentation;

Higher productivity in terms of results (e.g. cases processed, parents located, paternity determinations, orders obtained, cases in which collections are being made, dollars collected, recidivism rate, etc.);

Reduction of steps, efforts, or costs (without impaired results), or reduction of errors; or

Replacement of an old technique with a new one requiring increased efforts and/or costs which were more than compensated for by improved results (i.e. cost effectiveness was increased).

Transmittal of Successful IV-D Practices to OCSE

The attached format may be used in lieu of a letter or memorandum to forward to OCSE a program or administrative practice selected by a State. While we will be pleased to receive descriptive and explanatory material prepared specially for this exercise, we will be satisfied to receive manuals, guidelines, or material in any other pre-existing format. This would save additional State efforts and would expedite the transfer of information among States.

Distribution of Selected IV-D Program Techniques to States

OCSE will review all submittals and any points requiring clarification will be coordinated with the submitting State.State submittals will either be reproduced in their entirety or will be announced using a format similar to the attachment. The latter method will generally be used when the submittal is relatively long. When the summarized announcement is used, State IV-D agencies will be able to request copies of the full text.

ATTACHMENT : Transmittal Format

INQUIRIES TO : OCSE Regional Representatives

Director (Acting)

Office of Child Support Enforcement


TO : Regional Representative

Office of Child Support Enforcement


FROM : (enter State IV-D agency designation and address)

1.Subject of the successful program or administrative practice recommended:

2. Brief description of the practice:

3.Federal and State laws, regulations and/or procedures applicabie to the practice:

4.Statement of actual or potential benefits resulting from implementation of the practice:

5.The name, organization, title, address, and telephone number of the official who should be contacted concerning the practice:

Name, and title of State IV-D agency official forwarding the practice


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