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Federal Offset Collections Report for OCSE Cycle 2010-05


Published: March 8, 2010


RE: Federal Offset Collections Report for OCSE Cycle 2010-05

Dear Coordinators:

Enclosed is the Federal Offset Collections Report for OCSE Cycle 2010-05. This report represents federal tax refund and/or administrative offsets, less the current fees of $14.05 per federal tax offset and $16.00 per administrative offset, and any adjustments/reversals made during this collection cycle for the 2003 through 2010 processing years.

Based on 56,215 offsets, the net collections total for OCSE Cycle 2010-05 as of February 4, 2010 is $92,205,249. The year-to-date total for 69,095 offsets is $103,221,728. This compares to 53,880 offsets for $76,911,772 through the same collection week last year.

An electronic version of this report, along with additional detail reports, has been sent to your state via electronic transmission.

Note: In an effort to provide states with a more comprehensive summary of collections attributable to the federal administrative offset program, the USDA/FSA/CCC Collection report has been replaced with the attached Federal Administrative Offset Report. The Federal Administrative Offset Report, beginning with OCSE Cycle 2010-05, offers a detailed state summary of collections broken down by administrative offset type, including offsets received from US Department of Agriculture and US Postal Service (non federal/non salary) payments. The Federal Administrative Offset Report will accompany the Federal Offset Collections Report at the beginning of each month as long as Treasury makes this information available.

Attention: Due to severe weather conditions in Washington D.C., the transfer of funds for OCSE Cycle 2010-05 and the deposit of those funds to your state account were delayed. An e-Flash message will be distributed as soon as the transfer and deposit information is known. If you have any questions regarding the deposit of collections to your state?s account or the collection reports, please contact Federal Collections and Enforcement at (202) 401-9389, ext. 4, or via email at scollections@acf.hhs.gov.


Vicki Turetsky
Office of Child Support Enforcement


cc: State IV-D Directors
ACF/OCSE Regional Program Managers

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