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FPLS Major Release 09-01


Published: April 3, 2009




DATE: April 3, 2009


RE: FPLS Major Release 09-01

Dear Colleague:

In April 2009, the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) will implement most of the components of Major Release 09-01 of the Federal Parent Locator Service (FPLS). This release includes enhancements to the Child Support Enforcement Network (CSENet), the Electronic Income Withholding Order (e-IWO), the Federal Case Registry (FCR), the Federal Offset system, the Intergovernmental Referral Guide (IRG), and Query Interstate Cases for Kids (QUICK).

Most of the enhancements will be implemented during the weekend of April 3, but some were implemented earlier or will be implemented later, as follows:


  • The following QUICK changes were implemented in October 2008:
    • Allow Multiple CP Names in the Locate Section of the Case Activities Module (OCSE Ref #2562)
    • QUICK Application Should Use Single Window to Display its Contents (OCSE Ref #2572)
  • The following e-IWO change was implemented in November 2008:
  • Forward FEINs to States (OCSE Ref #2595)


Federal Case Registry - There are three enhancements to the FCR:

  1. Break Link with Incorrect SSN (OCSE Ref #2389)
    States will be able to designate an SSn as incorrect for a person they are attempting to register on the FCR via Person Add and Person Change input transactions.
  2. Verified Additional and Multiple SSNs (OCSE Ref #2554)
    The FCR system is being modified to provide States with a new code value to distinguish a State-submitted 'Verified Additional' SSN from a valid 'Multiple' SSN that was issued by SSA to the same person.
  3. Develop AWR Sweep Process (OCSE Ref #2587)
    The FCR will provide a periodic match of FCR participant types NP (noncustodial parent) and PF (putative father) in IV-D cases against the SSA Annual Wage Reporting (AWR) database.

Query Interstate Cases for Kids - There are four enhancements to the QUICK system:

  1. After Timeout Period Display Timeout Screen(OCSE Ref # 2410)
    The system is being modified to ensure that QUICK sessions time-out after 15 minutes of inactivity and that no information remains on the Web browser.
  2. Display QUICK Icon for URL (OCSE Ref #2541)
    The system is being modified to display the QUICK icon next to the URL.
  3. Implement QUICK Migration to the Internet (OCSE Ref #2552)
    The system is being modified to provide Internet connectivity for the States.
  4. Automate the Process of Delivering Audit Reports to States Through SFTP (OCSE Ref #2608)
    The system is being modified to automatically deliver audit reports to States in production.


  • The following IRG change will be implemented in July 2009:
    • Update IRG Download per DCL 07-02 for International and Tribal Records (OCSE Ref #2434)
  • The following Child Support Enforcement Network (CSENet) enhancement related to the IRG change will also be implemented in July 2009:
  • Modify IRG Download and Filter Process (OCSE Ref #338) States will receive the expanded IRG extract file via the CSENet/OCSENet data file communications method. Any State processing that uses the IRG extract file may require modifications, due to the additional entries included in the file.
  • Change to Frequency of Collection and Adjustment Reporting to States (OCSE Ref #2597).
  • The following Federal Offset System change will be implemented in January 2010:

For a copy of the Release 09-01 Manifest, or for detailed specifications regarding these FPLS modifications, refer to the OCSE Web site.

If you have questions about the FCR or about these enhancements, or would like to discuss programming enhancements that would enable State systems to effectively process the data and maximize data usage, contact your State Technical Support (TS) liaison

If you have questions regarding CSENet or QUICK, contact your Technical Representative at the CSENet/QUICK Help Desk at (800) 258-2736. A list of technical representatives who are assigned to your State is on the OCSE Web site.

If you have questions regarding e-IWO, contact Bill Stuart at (518) 399-9241 or william.k.stuart@lmco.com

If you have questions regarding Federal Offset, contact Rebecca Hamil at (202) 205-5612 or rebecca.hamil@acf.hhs.gov

If you have questions regarding the IRG, contact Angela Kasey at (202) 205-3423 or angela.kasey@acf.hhs.gov


Donna J. Bonar
Acting Commissioner
Office of Child Support Enforcement

cc: ACF/OCSE Regional Program Managers

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