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FPLS Minor Release 14-01


Published: May 29, 2014



DATE:  May 29, 2014


RE:  FPLS Minor Release 14-01

Dear Colleague:

The federal Office of Child Support Enforcement will put into production the following Release 14-01 enhancements to the Federal Parent Locator Service.  Most of these enhancements will take effect in June 2014, with two exceptions noted below.  We will notify states as we release each group of enhancements.

Federal Case Registry (FCR)

  • Allow users to view unread/read locate and Department of Defense (DoD) entitlement responses on the portal

We are enhancing the FCR Locate and DoD entitlement response web pages on the portal by adding additional search criteria, including responses previously read.

  • New portal application to manage FCR known participant identification issues

We are adding a new application to the State Services Portal to help states report incorrect SSNs that the FCR should not use as the final, verified SSN for their participant.

  • Allow states to suppress user text from returning in batch

We are enhancing the locate application to give states the option to suppress the data in the user text field from being returned in the FCR batch process.

  • Allow FCR change to persons with unverified SSN/name combinations

We are enhancing the FCR system to enable you to change an unverified SSN and the associated person data to another unverified SSN.

Federal Collection and Enforcement (FCE)  (begins July 2014)

  • Portal enhancements for federal collection and enforcement

We are adding a link to show if there is more than one name for the noncustodial parent, and we are reducing the number of years, from seven to five, for which changed transaction data is available in the case detail.

  • Search by trace number

We are allowing you to query by trace number, which is returned in the offset record.

  • Add the OCSE cycle number to collection and adjustment control record

We are adding the OCSE cycle number to the control record sent to states as part of the collection and adjustment file.

Insurance Match (IM) (released December 2013)

  • Include claim adjuster and NAIC code fields provided by ISO in response record

We added the name and phone number of the insurer’s claim adjuster and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners code supplied by the Insurance Services Office to the IM response record.

  • Create CSV formatted (Comma-Delimited) IM response files on the portal

We are adding a comma-delimited download format to the IM response download process on the portal.  Currently, you can download in text or XML formats.

Intergovernmental Reference Guide (IRG)

  • Add new address type for customer service contact

We are adding a new address type for states’ customer service contact information.

  • Allow the state administrators to update their website links

We are offering states the ability to update their state child support website links.

  • Security enhancements to access the IRG

We are making the IRG available from the portal to authorized state users with edit and view privileges, and will supply credential management for state users not entering via the portal.  State users entering the IRG from the Internet will manage their own credentials.

  • New UK Sub-Jurisdictions for IRG in Child Support Enforcement Network (CSENet) download

We are supplying the United Kingdom sub-jurisdiction addresses and location codes in the CSENet download.

  • New payment type code for international addresses for IRG CSENet download

We are supplying the new international payment addresses and location codes in the CSENet download.

  • Add contact types for direct deposit contact and debit card contact

We are adding two new address types regarding information for the state’s direct deposit and debit card contacts.

State Services Portal (SSP)

  • Capture and provide user activity information on the SSP

We are supplying a new report on a monthly basis, upon request, that details user activity on the portal in their state.

  • Allow states to receive termination information from employers through the SSP

We are adding a new application to the SSP to supply employee termination information to states.

For additional details regarding the release, refer to the manifest and specifications posted on the FPLS Release Management Resources web page.

If you have questions regarding the FCR, contact your state technical support liaison.

If you have questions regarding the other systems, contact the appropriate person below.

System Contact Person Telephone E-Mail


Rebecca Hamil 202-205-5612 rebecca.hamil@acf.hhs.gov
IM Beatrice Locks 202-260-5606 beatrice.locks@acf.hhs.gov
IRG Angela Kasey-Henry 703-367-1659 angela.kasey-henry@acf.hhs.gov
SSP Vinette Elam 800-258-2736 vinette.l.elam@lmco.com



Vicki Turetsky
Office of Child Support Enforcement

cc: ACF/OCSE Regional Program Managers
Tribal IV-D Directors

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