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FY2004 Annual Report - Table 74

Office of Child Support Enforcement

Published: December 1, 2004
Table 74: Federal Parent Locator Service (FPLS), Processing Year 2004
National FPLS Statistics
Federal Offset Program 01-01-04 to 12-31-04
Source: Federal Parent Locator Service (FPLS).
6 Tax Offsets are based on intercepts of Federal Tax Refunds, while Administrative Offsets are based on intercepts of certain Federal payments, such as vendor and miscellaneous payments (i.e., expense reimbursement payments and travel payments) and Federal retirement payments. The Tax and Administrative figures add up to the Total figures and include both TANF and Non-TANF collections.
7 The TANF and Non-TANF figures add up to the Total figures and include both Tax and Administrative Offset collections.
8 A certified case may be representative of an individual debt or an accumulation of debts. The criteria for certification of a debt for Tax Offset is as follows: In TANF or Title IV-E foster care cases: the amount of past-due support must not be less than $150 and must have been delinquent for 3 months or longer. In Non-TANF or Medicaid-only cases: the amount of past-due support owed to or on behalf of a qualified child must be at least $500 and may not be submitted for tax offset if the child is emancipated, even if arrears accrued while the child was still a minor. The exception occurs when an adult has been determined to be disabled under Title II or XVI of the Act while he/she was still a minor for whom a support order was still in effect; in such cases tax offset procedures may be followed.
Total Net Collections and % of Total $1,489,147,415 % of Total
Tax Offset 6 1,486,241,755 99.8%
Administrative Offset 6 2,905,659 0.2%
TANF 7 703,737,039 47.3%
Non-TANF 7 785,410,376 52.7%
Total Number of Offsets and % of Total 1,402,617 % of Total
Tax Offset 6 1,391,487 99.2%
Administrative Offset 6 11,130 0.8%
TANF 7 706,053 50.3%
Non-TANF 7 696,564 49.7%
Total Certified Caseload and % of Total (As of End of the PY) 7,117,310 % of Total
TANF Cases 8 3,291,680 46.2%
Non-TANF Cases 8 3,825,630 53.8%
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