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Interstate Initiatives: Just-In-Time Pilot Project


Published: April 7, 2005



ATTACHMENT: Terms for Participating in the JIT Data Access Pilot
Just-In-Time High-Level Requirements
Data Element Grid Definitions Only
State Representatives Business and Tech JIT Workgroups

DATE: April 7, 2005


RE: Interstate Initiatives: Just-In-Time Pilot Project

As part of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement’s (OCSE) ongoing work with states on improving availability of interstate case information, I am pleased to update you on the progress of the Just-In-Time Workgroup and to invite your state’s participation in the Just-In-Time Pilot Project.

Representatives from the eleven states composing the workgroup have continued to address improving data access between states and among Child Support Enforcement (CSE) agencies’ caseworkers. This initiative focused on identifying the type of information a caseworker would need to have immediately available from another state in order to manage interstate cases. The workgroup has focused first on financial data related to a case, and has identified a set of data elements that would be included in that exchange. A focus group of state end-users validated the need for and benefits of providing a vehicle for the immediate exchange of case data.

The Just-In-Time Workgroup finalized its recommendations with respect to the:

• core group of financial data to be exchanged in the pilot,
• definitions for those core data elements,
• high-level design alternatives for the pilot and the
• approach for developing the Just-In-Time pilot.

In mid-January, a Technical Workgroup meeting was held with the representative(s) from each state on the attached participant list. The purpose of this meeting was to review the material developed by the business workgroup and to discuss the more technical aspects of the pilot. In this and subsequent discussions, the workgroup has refined the pilot design, developed further technical and security requirements, and has provided further guidance to OCSE for making this pilot feasible. Regular conference calls with both the technical and business workgroups will continue as we move through the planning, development, testing, and implementation phases.

At this point, we are inviting participation in the pilot, which we anticipate will be implemented as early as August of this year.

I am sure your state’s representatives to the workgroups will be an invaluable resource in determining the benefits of participating in the early stage of the pilot and the level of effort that will be needed. We have provided a number of attachments that may also help with your decision. Of particular interest may be the Terms for Participating in the Just-In-Time Data Access Pilot that outlines the requirements for participation in the pilot, as well as the on-going responsibilities and expectations for each participant.

I hope you will see this as a valuable opportunity to enhance your ability to communicate with other states and that you are able to join OCSE in this shared initiative.

If you are willing to volunteer as a participant or have questions about the pilot, please contact Helen Smith, Assistant Associate Commissioner, Office of Automation and Program Operations at (202) 690-6639 or hsmith@acf.hhs.gov within two weeks of receiving this notice.


David H. Siegel
Acting Commissioner
Office of Child Support Enforcement

State Representatives for Business and Technical Workgroups
Draft Terms for Participating in the Just-In-Time Data Access Pilot
Draft High-Level Requirements
Draft Data Definitions

cc: Regional Program Managers
ACF Regional Administrators

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