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National Technical Assistance and Training Needs


Published: August 29, 2001


AUG 29, 2001


RE: National Technical Assistance and Training Needs

Dear Colleague:

The Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) has completed its analysis of States' responses to the National Technical Assistance (TA) and Training Needs Assessment. The attached report highlights major issues and technical assistance and training needs as identified by States. I would like to thank the 40 States that responded to the Needs Assessment, the National Council of Child Support Directors for disseminating the Needs Assessment instrument, and the Federal and State representatives who participated on the follow-up teams. The Needs Assessment and the report provide us with valuable information to ensure that OCSE continues to address your needs in making program improvements.

The Report summarizes key issues for each incentive area: the five that currently exist (paternity establishment, support order establishment, collection on current support, collection on arrears, cost effectiveness, and a sixth for medical support, which will be an incentive category in the future). It also lists major recommendations for technical assistance and training that the teams propose and OCSE's current plans to address them. Although these recommendations focus on technical assistance and training areas consistent with the major focus of the Needs Assessment, please be assured that OCSE is also addressing the policy issues noted in the report. We will continue to work with you to develop policy guidance, especially in the areas of interstate case processing and medical support.

We recognize that the State TA and training recommendations, and OCSE plans and activities to address them, are not all-inclusive. OCSE will continue to provide and expand its technical assistance and training efforts to address specific and evolving CSE State program needs. It is very important that we continue to work in partnership to demonstrate greater results in child support enforcement to benefit our Nation's children.


Frank Fuentes
Acting Commissioner
Office of Child Support Enforcement

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