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New FRCs: Netherlands, Norway, Alberta, Newfoundland, & Ontario


Published: December 4, 2002


DATE:December 4, 2002


RE:Additional Reciprocating Nations

Dear Colleague:

I am pleased to announce five additional federal-level international reciprocity declarations on child support. The Netherlands, Norway and the Canadian Provinces of Alberta, Newfoundland, and Ontario have each been declared a "foreign reciprocating country" for child support enforcement purposes by the United States (see 42 U.S.C. 659A).

State IV-D agencies should now accord requests from these foreign reciprocating countries the same services provided to other interstate requests. Outgoing requests for services should be sent to their respective Central Authorities. Please be advised that both Norway and the Netherlands have kindly agreed to accept petitions and evidence in English - it is not necessary to have documents translated for these countries.

On December 2, 2002, the Office of the Legal Adviser, U.S. Department of State, published the attached cumulative public notice on completed federal reciprocity declarations in the Federal Register (67 FR 71605). You may find this Federal Register Notice useful in proceedings where the existence of a reciprocal relationship is at issue. Additionally, the Department of State, in collaboration with OCSE, provides general information on international child support enforcement on its website.

Also attached for your convenience is a complete list of all the Central Authorities of the nations and Canadian provinces with which the United States has reciprocity under 42 U.S.C. 659A. The Central Authorities can also be found on the online Interstate Roster and Referral Guide (IRG): https://extranet.acf.hhs.gov/irg/welcome.html. Any future changes will be reflected at this site location.

For further information about any reciprocity declaration or other international child support enforcement matters, please contact the U.S. Central Authority for International Child Support, Office of Child Support Enforcement, 370 L'Enfant Promenade, SW, Washington, DC 20447, phone: 202-401-5566, fax: 202-401-5539, email: ocseinternational@acf.hhs.gov.


Sherri Z. Heller, Ed.D.
Office of Child Support Enforcement


cc: ACF Regional Administrators
ACF Assistant Regional Administrators
CSE Regional Program Managers



    The Child Support Registrar
    Australian Child Support Agency
    GPO Box 480
    Hobart , Tasmania 7001
    Tel: 61 3 6216 0864
    Fax: 61 3 6216 0899
    Email: csaoverseas@csa.gov.au


    Ú345ad pro mezinárodn283právní ochranu d277tí
    Benešova 22
    602 00 Brno
    Czech Republic
    Tel: 42 05 422 15443 (44 or 45) linka 27
    Fax: 42 05 422 12836 (or 17900)
    Email: rzalesky@iol.cz


    Dept. of Equality and Law Reform
    Dun Aimhirgin
    43-49 Mespil Road
    Dublin 4
    Republic of Ireland
    Tel: 35 31 667 0344
    Fax: 35 31 667 0367


    Landelijk Bureau Inning Onderhoudsbijdragen (LBIO)
    Postbus 800
    2800 AV GOUDA
    Tel: 18 2 55 55 55
    Fax: 18 2 55 55 16
    Email: VNY@lbio.nl


    Postboks 8138 Dep.
    N-0033 Oslo
    Tel: 47 23 31 1300
    Fax : 47 23 31 1601
    Email: ffu@trygdeetaten.no

  • POLAND *

    Ministerstwo Sprawiedliwosci
    Judicial Assistance & European Law Dept
    Al. Ujazdowskie 11
    00950 Warszawa, Skr. Poczt. 33
    Tel: 48 22 521 23 81
    Fax: 48 22 628 09 49
    Email: borowska@ms.gov.pl


    Direção-Geral dos Serviços Judiciários
    Av 5 de Outubro, 125
    1069-044 Lisboa
    Tel: 21 790 61 10
    Fax: 21 790 62 29
    Email: elda.gama@dgsj.pt


    Centrum pre medzinárodno-právnu ochranu detí a mládeže
    Špitálska 6
    P.O. Box 57
    814 99 Bratislava
    Slovak Republic
    Tel: 421 2 5975 2319
    Fax: 421 2 5296 2895
    Email: cipc@employment.gov.sk

* All documents must be translated into the reciprocating country’s language. UIFSA-like forms in Czech, Polish, Portuguese and Slovak are available by email from the U.S. Central Authority for International Child Support. Send your request to ocseinternational@acf.hhs.gov or call 202.401.5566.



    Maintenance Enforcement Program
    Post Office Box 2404
    Edmonton, Alberta
    T5J 3Z7
    Tel: 780 401 7530
    Fax: 780 422 3447


    Ministry of the Attorney General Family Justice Programs Division
    Suite 210-815 Hornby Street
    Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 2E6
    Tel: 604 660 2528
    Fax: 604 660 3728


    Family Law Branch
    Department of Justice
    704-405 Broadway
    Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3L6
    Tel: 204 945 5471
    Fax: 204 948 2004


    Social Law Unit, Justice Department
    Confederation Bldg. 4th Fl
    P.O. Box 8700
    St John's, Newfoundland A1B 4J6
    Tel: 709 729 2887
    Fax: 709 729 2129


    Legal Services Division
    Department of Justice
    P.O. Box 7
    Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2L6
    Tel: 902 424 2343
    Fax: 902 424 4556


    Family Responsibility & Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Orders Unit
    P.O. Box 220
    Downsview, Ontario M3M 3A3
    Tel: 416 240 3635
    Fax: 416 240 2402

[Federal Register: December 2, 2002 (Volume 67, Number 231)]


[Page 71605-71606]

From the Federal Register Online via GPO Access [wais.access.gpo.gov]




[Public Notice 4191]

Notice of Declaration of Foreign Countries as Reciprocating

Countries for the Enforcement of Family Support (Maintenance)


Agency: Office of the Legal Adviser, U.S. Department of State.

This notice amends and supplements Department of State public

notice 3802, 66 FR 58544 (November 21, 2001).

Section 459A of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 659A) authorizes

the Secretary of State with the concurrence of the Secretary of Health

and Human Services to declare foreign countries or their political

subdivisions to be reciprocating countries for the purpose of the

enforcement of family support obligations if the country has

established or has undertaken to establish procedures for the

establishment and enforcement of duties of support for residents of the

United States. These procedures must be in substantial conformity with

the standards set forth in the statute. The statutory standards are:

Establishment of child support orders, including the establishment of

paternity if necessary to establish the order; enforcement of child

support orders, including collection and distribution of payments under

such orders; cost-free services (including administrative and legal

services, as well as paternity testing; and the designation of an

agency as Central Authority to facilitate enforcement.

Once such a declaration is made, support agencies in jurisdictions

of the United States participating in the program established by title

IV-D of the Social Security Act (the IV-D program) must provide

enforcement services under that program to such reciprocating countries

as if the request for service came from a U.S. state.

The declaration authorized by the statute may be made ``in the form

of an international agreement, in connection with an international

agreement or corresponding foreign declaration, or on a unilateral

basis.'' The Secretary of State has authorized either the Legal Adviser

or the Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs to make such a

declaration after consultation with the other.

As of this date, the following countries (or Canadian provinces)have


[[Page 71606]]


been designated foreign reciprocating countries:


Country Effective date


Australia............................. May 21, 2001.

Canadian Provinces:

Alberta............................. Sept. 4, 2002.

British Columbia.................... Dec. 15, 1999.

Manitoba............................ July 11, 2000.

Newfoundland/Labrador............... August 7, 2002.

Nova Scotia......................... Dec. 18, 1998.

Ontario............................. August 7, 2002.

Czech Republic........................ May 3, 2000.

Ireland............................... Sept. 10, 1997.

Netherlands........................... May 1, 2002.

Norway................................ June 10, 2002.

Poland................................ June 14, 1999.

Portugal.............................. Mar. 17, 2001.

Slovak Republic....................... Feb. 1, 1998.



Each of these countries (or Canadian provinces) has designated a

Central Authority to facilitate enforcement and ensure compliance with

the standards of the statute. Information relating to the designated

Central Authorities, and the procedures for processing requests may be

obtained by contacting the United States Central Authority for

International Child Support, Department of Health and Human Services,

Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE), 370 L'Enfant Promenade,

SW., 4-East, Washington, DC 20447; phone 202.401.5566, fax

202.401.5539, e-mail ocseinternational@acf.hhs.gov.

Questions regarding this notice, the status of negotiations,

declarations and agreements may be obtained by contacting Mary Helen

Carlson at the Office of the Assistant Legal Adviser for Private

International Law, Suite 203 South Building, 2430 E Street, NW.,

Washington, DC 20037-2851; phone 202.776.8420, fax 202.776.8482, E-mail


The law also permits individual states of the United States to

establish or continue existing reciprocating arrangements with foreign

countries when there has been no federal declaration. Many states have

such arrangements with additional countries not yet the subject of a

federal declaration. Information as to these arrangements may be

obtained from the individual state IV-D Agency.


Jeffrey D. Kovar,

Assistant Legal Adviser for Private International Law, Department of


[FR Doc. 02-30453 Filed 11-29-02; 8:45 am]


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