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OCSE Plan for Developing Performance Measures and Standards for Program Evaluation and Audit


Published: April 12, 1994


Dear Colleague:

In our continuing effort to promote the economic and social well-being of children in our nation, as well as exercise our stewardship responsibilities to ensure that our programs work to their fullest capabilities, it is time for OCSE to shift towards a results orientation. In an effort to fully respond to the challenges facing us, we must cast off our traditional approaches to problems and give serious consideration to seeking new ways and generating new ideas and approaches to solving problems.

Building upon this focus on results as outlined in the Vice President's National Performance Review's Reinventing Government initiative, the Government Performance Results Act (GPRA), and Welfare Reform initiatives the time is ripe for this activity. With the work that has already been done by the National Governor's Association, the American Public Welfare Association, and the IV-D Directors last year and our previous efforts to improve State data reporting a solid foundation has already been laid toward developing our performance based evaluation system.

The outline for our plan to continue this development effort was presented to a group of IV-D Directors at their recent meeting here in Washington, in early March. This effort will continue throughout the remainder of this fiscal year through meetings and dialogue with State child support officials, practitioners and other interested parties. The goal is to have in-place at years end a consensus based system of measuring performance as well as, an identified standard or level of performance which would be used to reward above average performance and identify poor performance.

In order to open this process up to as many of our child support partners as possible, we are encouraging any of you with thoughts, ideas or suggestions to talk to us. Please take a few moments to write and let me know what you think these measures should be and how acceptable performance goals should be established. Your input is genuinely needed and your thoughts and ideas are valued. I have asked Mr. Jeff Ball, Assistant to the Deputy Director, OCSE to collect your responses and ensure that they are given appropriate consideration as we work through this process with all of the stakeholders. We believe that with everyone's best effort and input, we will arrive at a viable methodology which will contribute significantly to the collection of child support. By so doing, it is our goal to improve the lives of America's children.

Thank you for your help and assistance in this effort.


                         David Gray Ross
                         Deputy Director
                         Office of Child Support Enforcement

ACF Regional Administrators, Regions I-X
Asst. Regional Administrators - Family Support, Regions I-X Child
Support Programs Managers, Regions I-X

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