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Quarterly Wage Employer Address Problem: Updated CD


Published: April 26, 2005


RE: Quarterly Wage "Employer Address" Problem

Dear Colleague:

For several years the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) has been working with states and the employer community to solve the problem of the "service provider address" on Quarterly Wage (QW) reports that states send to the National Directory of New Hires (NDNH). We are sending you the enclosed CD as a short-term fix for the incorrect employer addresses. The data were compiled directly from unemployment insurance (UI) claims administration companies' files and have not been edited or validated by OCSE.


Many employers use UI claims administrators (service providers) to handle their employees' unemployment insurance benefit claims. Typically, when an employer hires a UI claims administrator, that agent becomes the "employer of record" at the State Workforce Agency (SWA) in order to receive UI claims information. The SWA then lists the address of the UI claims administrator on QW reports transmitted to the NDNH rather than the employer's "real" address that states require for child support purposes. As a result, when a match is made with the NDNH, the response returned to a state includes the address of the UI claims administrator rather than that of the actual employer.

States have been receiving some NDNH matches (from QW reports) that provide the employer's name and Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), but the address provided is that of the UI claims administrator, e.g., ADP or the TALX Corporation. This often thwarts the ability of states to issue income-withholding orders or verify employment because the state sends the request for child support information to the UI claims administrator. At a minimum, it is delayed while the agent forwards the mail to the actual employer. Some UI claims administrators simply return the mail to the child support office, either because no employer is identified or because they lack the manpower to research each piece of misdirected mail.

The Solution

In an effort to solve the problem, OCSE contacted the major UI claims administrators to obtain the employer addresses (and FEIN if available) that child support offices need for sending income-withholding orders. Each company contacted indicated a significant problem with misdirected mail, and agreed to give OCSE a list of its employer clients with FEINs (if captured) and corporate addresses. OCSE consolidated those files on a CD, stripping any reference to the UI claims administrator in order to preserve the confidentiality of client information.

The enclosed CD contains approximately 47,200 employer records containing names, addresses and FEINs, organized by FEIN (or alphabetically if the FEIN is missing). The data have not been verified by OCSE.

This CD may be of assistance in locating out-of-state employers for the purpose of sending income-withholding orders or requests for employment verification.

Questions or Comments?

We welcome your input as to the usefulness of these data. If you have any questions or comments about the CD, please contact Nancy Benner at (202) 401-5528 or nbenner@acf.hhs.gov.


Donna J. Bonar
Associate Commissioner
For Office of Automation and Program Operations
Office of Child Support Enforcement

Enclosure (Not available on-line) 

cc: State IV-D Directors (without enclosure)

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