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Self-Assessment Reporting


Published: November 12, 2004



DATE: November 12, 2004



Dear Colleague:

The Division of Planning Research and Evaluation within the Office of Child Support Enforcement has received numerous requests from states for a standardized format for self-assessment reports. Although some guidelines are offered, Federal regulations allow the states to submit the self-assessment report in their own format. While we will not dictate a standardized report format, we have found the following items very helpful when reviewing the self assessment reports:

  • Specification of the type of sampling method used for the reviews: when determining the type of method to use, states can refer to the “Statistical Sampling for Self-Assessment” Tempo booklet, dated April 2002,
    • Narrative description of the errors, and
    • A summary table showing the number of cases reviewed and the number that had appropriate action taken, as well as the efficiency rates. (see example below)
Summary Table
Criterion Cases Reviewed Action Cases Error Cases Efficiency Rate
Cases Closed 125 117 8 94%
Enforce 158 124 34 79%
Interstate 80 80 0 100%


In addition, we encourage reporting on the optional program areas of review. These areas are program direction, program service enhancements, and innovative practices. States can use these areas to demonstrate how they have improved client services, describe initiatives put into practice, and show what actions they are taking to become more effective and efficient.

Items reported in these areas are reviewed as possible best practices that can be shared with other states. We also are interested in knowing if items previously reported as Program Direction or Program Service Enhancements proved to be ineffective.

In addition, we are requesting that the self-assessment report be submitted electronically to the email address below in Microsoft word. Electronic versions of the reports are useful for future analysis and studies. If an electronic submission is not possible, a hard copy will be accepted. If you have questions about your state’s report, please contact Nina Campbell at (202) 401-5049 or nicampbell@acf.hhs.gov.


Sherri Z. Heller, Ed.D.
Office of Child Support Enforcement

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