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Tribal Child Support Reporting Conversation


Published: February 8, 2012


DATE: February 8, 2012


RE: Tribal Child Support Reporting Conversation

Dear Colleague:

We would like to invite you to participate in a Tribal Child Support Reporting Conversation with other Tribal Child Support Program Directors. This conversation will be hosted by the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE). It will be held Wednesday, March 7, 2012, in Washington, DC. This will occur during the same week as the ACF Tribal Consultation (March 5-6) and the HHS Tribal Budget Consultation (March 7-9), both in Washington DC. However, please note that March 7, 2012 is also the Tribal Resource Day as part of the Tribal Budget Consultation.

The purpose of this conversation is to share information with and gather feedback from the tribal child support community to help determine the best way to tell the tribal story and to plan for possible future revisions to the reporting forms. This is not intended to be a training session on the reporting forms. We would like to obtain your input on the best way to paint an accurate picture of tribal child support programs. Some suggested topics for discussion are:

  • How should reporting on out-of-wedlock births be handled?
  • Should all arrears be included on the OCSE-75, even when the tribe is the responding jurisdiction?
  • Should there be a standard template for the narrative report, instead of the current open format or in addition to the open format?
  • What additional data should be included in the Annual Report to the Congress?
  • What additional data is needed?

If there is a topic you would like to discuss or a participant you would suggest that we invite, please let us know.

These conversations will be program level, pre-consultation meetings that will help determine how to best proceed with consultation. The meeting will include some presentations to give us a common base of knowledge. However, most of the time will be dedicated to facilitated discussion among tribal child support program directors. Again, it is important to note that this is not intended to be a training session on the reporting forms.

The meeting will begin at 12:00 noon and conclude at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 7, 2012. It will be held at the conference room on the 7th Floor of the Aerospace building at 901 D Street S.W., Washington, DC 20447. Also, since the tribal conversation meeting does not begin until 12:00 p.m., OCSE Commissioner Vicki Turetsky and Deputy Commissioner Donna Bonar have agreed to meet that morning starting at 8:30 a.m. with individuals who are interested in talking with them.

Please let us know if you plan to attend the tribal reporting conversation by contacting Renee Jackson-Hebron at renee.jacksonhebron@acf.hhs.gov by February 24, 2012. Also, please let us know if more than one person will be attending from your tribe, and whether you would like to schedule some time in the morning to meet with Vicki Turetsky and Donna Bonar. Any additional meeting information will be emailed to all registered attendees the week prior to the meeting.

Tribes must arrange and pay for their own travel, lodging, meals and incidental expenses. Individuals should make their own guest room reservations.

At least two other tribal reporting conversations will be held with tribal child support program directors. Tentatively, we are planning for one to occur in the Washington, DC area on June 4-5, 2012, prior to the ACF Tribal Grantee meeting that is scheduled for June 6-8, 2012. We hope to have an additional tribal reporting conversation sometime during the National Tribal Child Support Association Conference in Bar Harbor, Maine, that conference is scheduled for July 22-26, 2012.

Questions may be directed to Dennis Putze, Director of the Division of Planning, Research and Evaluation at dennis.putze@acf.hhs.gov, Paige Hausburg, Tribal Assistance Coordinator at paige.hausburg@acf.hhs.gov, or Renee Jackson-Hebron, Program Analyst, Division of Planning, Research and Evaluation at renee.jacksonhebron@acf.hhs.gov.

We hope to see you in March!


Vicki Turetsky
Office of Child Support Enforcement

cc: ACF/OCSE Regional Program Managers

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