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Title:  Ronnie and Rita

From:  Alameda County Department of Child Support Services (

Video images: Cartoon images of a young mother and father, their baby, and a child support case worker


Ronnie was nineteen years old and had dated his girlfriend Rita for a year
they were a fairly happy couple
even though the relationship had its ups and downs
one day Rita told Ronnie that she was pregnant
Ronnie's reaction was one of shock and surprise, mixed with fear
he wasn't ready to be a father, he didn't know how to be a father and furthermore,
he was barely able to support himself at his job at the record store
Rita went to the welfare department and applied for aid for herself
and the unborn child
when the baby was born Ronnie was happy and proud
and visited Rita and his new son often
one day out of the blue, Ronnie was served with papers marked district attorney family support division
he nervously opened the letter and found papers, lots of papers
which included a proposed court order to pay child support
Ronnie was scared and confused but he read the papers
on one form, it asked if he was the father of the child
while Ronnie cared a lot about Rita he wasn't one hundred percent sure that he was the father of the baby
so for his own assurance and to remove all doubts
he checked the box no
by doing this Ronnie was able to take a blood test
which would settle the issue of his being the father once and for all
the blood test determined that Ronnie was in fact the baby's father
following the test results, Ronnie met with the case worker
and provided information about his income
he took his paystub from the record store
and told her about how much time he spent with his son
to his surprise, the worker told him that the time he spent visiting with his son
would lower the amount of child support he would have to pay
Ronnie is now paying a reasonable amount of child support which is based on his
income and time spent with his child
he also has a court order which legally establishes paternity that he is the
father of Ronnie junior
Ronnie and Rita became a team
each of them spending valuable time with Ronnie junior to help him become the
best that he could be

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