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Webinar on Model Tribal System National Sandbox


Published: July 6, 2010

DATE: July 6, 2010

TO: Tribal IV-D and Start-up Program Directors

RE: Webinar on Model Tribal System National Sandbox

Dear Tribal IV-D Director:

The Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) is pleased to announce that we are ready to deploy a Model Tribal System (MTS) National Sandbox - a full version of the MTS that can be used by tribal grantees to observe and explore the capabilities of the MTS. While many tribes have participated in overviews and demonstrations of the MTS, tribal staffs have requested the opportunity to enter test data into the MTS to allow them to better assess whether this automation option meets their tribal program needs. Registered users will be able to enter dummy child support case and financial data and examine the capabilities of the MTS.

We have some concern whether we have acquired the necessary bandwidth to accommodate every tribe desiring access to the web-based National Sandbox. But rather than delay its availability, we have decided instead to initially limit the number of tribes accessing the MTS National Sandbox in July to the first ten comprehensive tribes that sign up to use the sandbox. This will give us a chance to effectively assess the tool's capacity to accommodate everyone. By August we expect to expand access to the National Sandbox to all interested tribes, including start-up tribal grantees. We recognize that several tribes have a conflict with this webinar date, so we will hold another instructional webinar on how to access the MTS sandbox on another date.

If you are one of the initial tribes to test the MTS in the National Sandbox, there is no limit on the number of your staff who may review its functionality. In support of this deployment, OCSE will hold an introductory training Webinar on using the National Sandbox. This training includes an overview of MTS functions, modules and general screen navigation; and instruction on how to register to become a system user, log on to the system, set up a case and enter case data. We continue to explore additional training opportunities, particularly for IT staff, and expect to schedule those additional training venues in the coming months. You'll be pleased to know that we were able to reconfigure the MTS sandbox so that test cases entered in the sandbox will not be deleted daily. No tribe will be able to modify the data on another tribes segment of the MTS sandbox, but they will be able to view it, so it is essential that real data not be entered, only dummy test data.

Webinar Information
Date: Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Time: 1:00-3:00 p.m. EDT (12:00 p.m. CDT; 11:00 a.m. MDT; and 10:00 a.m. PDT)

You may be asked for your name and your tribe or tribal organization before entering the call. We ask that you keep your phone on mute (press *6 on your keypad) unless you are asking or answering a question.

Webinar Registration
To help us ensure a sufficient number of lines for all participants and distribute any webinar materials, we ask that you register by Monday July 12, 2010. We have a limit of 50 seats (access lines) available for participants in this first webinar. We encourage tribes, therefore, to maximize their access by using conference phones, etc., to the extent practicable. The webinar is expected to last approximately two hours.

Please contact Robin Rushton at (202) 690-1244 if you have any questions. We anticipate having bi-monthly teleconferences and/or webinars over the next few months to address questions related to the MTS and tribal automation generally.

Thank you again for all you do to improve the lives of children and families. This is an exciting time, and I look forward to your participation in this first of many instructional webinars.


Vicki Turetsky
Office of Child Support Enforcement

cc: Tribal Leaders
ACF OCSE Regional Program Managers

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