Massachusetts Case Manager Tool

State agencies work hard to develop and maintain websites that provide effective child support collection tools coupled with family-centered customer service to enhance the well-being of children.

We will periodically feature a state child support website to highlight services available in a state and to encourage sharing of ideas and innovations.

In the Spotlight: Massachusetts

The mission of the Massachusetts Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement Division is to make a difference in the lives of children by enforcing the financial responsibilities of parenthood. One way in which Massachusetts accomplishes this mission is through their online Case Manager program.

With Case Manager you can:

  • Access your information about child support
  • Check account balances and payments
  • Update/provide new information
  • Apply for/change your direct deposit
  • Change password/email preferences
  • Access various online services

Log in to begin using Case Manager or view a demonstration of the system as either a “Parent To Receive Support” or as a “Parent To Pay Support.” If you need to apply for services, click on "Apply Now" at any point while using the demo.

Check out the Massachusetts website for more information about the Case Manager and other resources and services.

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