Child Welfare Policy Manual: Table of Contents

December 04, 2016


1.1   Compliance and Penalties

1.2   Data Elements and Definitions
spacer1.2A   Adoption Specific Elements
spacer1.2A.1   Adoptive parents
spacer1.2A.2   Birth parents
spacer1.2A.3   Child's demographics
spacer1.2A.4   Court actions
spacer1.2A.5   Financial information
spacer1.2A.6   Placement
spacer1.2B   Foster Care Specific Elements
spacer1.2B.1   Case plan goal
spacer1.2B.2   Child's demographics
spacer1.2B.3   Episode and removal circumstances
spacer1.2B.4   Financial elements
spacer1.2B.5   Foster family home
spacer1.2B.6   Outcome information
spacer1.2B.7   Placements
spacer1.2B.8   Principal caretaker
spacer1.2B.9   Termination of parental rights

1.3   Reporting Population

1.4   Technical Requirements

2.   CAPTA

2.1   Assurances and Requirements
spacer2.1A   Access to Child Abuse and Neglect Information
spacer2.1A.1   Confidentiality
spacer2.1A.2   Expungment
spacer2.1A.3   Open Courts
spacer2.1A.4   Public Disclosure
spacer2.1B   Appeals
spacer2.1C   Expedited Termination of Parental Rights
spacer2.1D   Guardian Ad Litems
spacer2.1E   Reunification
spacer2.1F   CAPTA, Assurances and Requirements, Infants Affected by Substance Abuse
spacer2.1F.1   CAPTA, Assurances and Requirements, Infants Affected by Substance Abuse, Plan of Safe Care
spacer2.1G   CAPTA, Assurances and Requirements, Triage
spacer2.1H   CAPTA, Assurances and Requirements, Notification of Allegations
spacer2.1I   CAPTA, Assurances and Requirements, Referrals to IDEA, Part C
spacer2.1J   CAPTA, Assurances and Requirements, Criminal Background Checks

2.2   Citizen Review Panels

2.3   Definitions


3.1   Certifications and Requirements
spacer3.1A   Adolescent Participation
spacer3.1B   Age
spacer3.1C   Coordination
spacer3.1D   Fraud and Abuse
spacer3.1E   Miscellaneous Requirements
spacer3.1F   Objective Eligibility Criteria
spacer3.1G   Room and Board
spacer3.1H   Training
spacer3.1I   Tribal

3.2   Data Collection
spacer3.2A   Data Elements
spacer3.2B   Outcome Measures
spacer3.2C   Penalties for Noncompliance
spacer3.2D   Systems Requirements

3.3   Fiscal
spacer3.3A   Administrative Costs
spacer3.3B   Allocations
spacer3.3C   Match
spacer3.3D   Non-supplantation
spacer3.3E   Use of Funds

3.4   Related Foster Care Requirements

3.5   Independent Living, Educational and Training Vouchers
spacer3.5A   Youth Eligibility
spacer3.5B   Coordination and Duplication
spacer3.5C   Eligible Expenses and Institutions
spacer3.5D   Administrative Costs
spacer3.5E   Independent Living, Educational and Training Vouchers, Match
spacer3.5F   Use of Funds


4.1   Diligent Recruitment

4.2   Enforcement of Section 471 (a)(18) of the SSA

4.3   Guidance for Compliance


5.1   Child and Family and Services Review (CFSR)

5.2   Title IV-E Eligibility Reviews

6.   CCWIS

6.1   CCWIS Definitions

6.2   Efficient, economical, and effective

6.3   CCWIS data
spacer6.3A   Federal data
spacer6.3B   State data
spacer6.3C   ICWA
spacer6.3D   NCANDS

6.4   Reporting
spacer6.4A   Federal reports
spacer6.4B   State and tribal reports

6.5   Data quality
spacer6.5A   Standards and confidentiality
spacer6.5B   Automated support for data quality
spacer6.5C   Data quality reviews
spacer6.5D   Data quality findings
spacer6.5E   Data quality plans

6.6   Data exchanges
spacer6.6A   Financial systems
spacer6.6B   Child welfare contributing agencies
spacer6.6C   Title IV-E determinations
spacer6.6D   External child welfare systems
spacer6.6E   Child abuse and neglect systems
spacer6.6F   Title IV-A systems
spacer6.6G   Title XIX eligibility systems
spacer6.6H   Title XIX claims processing
spacer6.6I   Title IV-D systems
spacer6.6J   Court systems
spacer6.6K   Education systems

6.7   Data exchange standard

6.8   Title IV-E determinations
spacer6.8A   State title IV-E determinations
spacer6.8B   Tribal title IV-E determinations

6.9   Software provision

6.10   Submission
spacer6.10A   Initial submission
spacer6.10B   On-going submission

6.11   Other APD requirements

6.12   Design requirements
spacer6.12A   Automated function requirements
spacer6.12A.1   Modularity
spacer6.12A.2   Plain language
spacer6.12A.3   Development standard
spacer6.12A.4   Reuse
spacer6.12B   Design waivers

6.13   CCWIS options

6.14   CCWIS reviews

6.15   Transition Period

6.16   Cost allocation
spacer6.16A   Cost allocation for transitioning systems
spacer6.16B   Cost allocation for new CCWIS
spacer6.16C   CCWIS cost allocation
spacer6.16C.1   Development
spacer6.16C.2   Operations

6.17   Failure to comply
spacer6.17A   Suspension
spacer6.17B   Ending suspension
spacer6.17C   Recoupment


7.1   Citizenship/Alienage Requirements

7.2   Confidentiality

7.3   Programmatic Requirements

7.4   Use of Funds


8.1   Administrative Functions/Costs
spacer8.1A   Allowable Costs - Adoption Assistance Program
spacer8.1B   Allowable Costs - Foster Care Maintenance Payments Program
spacer8.1C   Calculating Claims
spacer8.1D   Candidates
spacer8.1E   Contracting
spacer8.1F   Match Requirements
spacer8.1G   Title IV-E Agreements
spacer8.1H   Training

8.2   Adoption Assistance Program
spacer8.2A   Agreements
spacer8.2A.1   Interstate placements
spacer8.2A.2   Means test
spacer8.2B   Eligibility
spacer8.2B.1   Biological parents
spacer8.2B.2   Children in foster care
spacer8.2B.3   Child of a minor parent
spacer8.2B.4   Deceased adoptive parents/dissolved adoptions
spacer8.2B.5   Independent Adoptions
spacer8.2B.6   International Adoptions
spacer8.2B.7   Judicial determinations
spacer8.2B.8   Medicaid
spacer8.2B.9   Redeterminations
spacer8.2B.10   Responsibility for placement and care
spacer8.2B.11   Special needs
spacer8.2B.12   SSI
spacer8.2B.13   Voluntary relinquishments
spacer8.2C   Interstate Compact
spacer8.2D   Payments
spacer8.2D.1   Allowable costs
spacer8.2D.2   Duration
spacer8.2D.3   Non-recurring expenses
spacer8.2D.4   Rates
spacer8.2D.5   Termination
spacer8.2E   Promoting Adoption Assistance

8.3   Foster Care Maintenance Payments Program
spacer8.3A   Eligibility
spacer8.3A.1   Adjudicated delinquents
spacer8.3A.2   Age
spacer8.3A.3   Biological parents
spacer8.3A.4   Child in facility outside scope of foster care
spacer8.3A.5   Child of a minor parent
spacer8.3A.6   Contrary to the welfare
spacer8.3A.7   Documentation of judicial determinations
spacer8.3A.8   Facilities requirements
spacer8.3A.8a   child-care institution
spacer8.3A.8b   foster family home
spacer8.3A.8c   licensing
spacer8.3A.8d   supervised independent living
spacer8.3A.9   Reasonable efforts
spacer8.3A.9a   to finalize a permanency plan
spacer8.3A.9b   to prevent a removal
spacer8.3A.9c   to qualify language in court orders
spacer8.3A.10   Redeterminations
spacer8.3A.11   Removal from the home/living with
spacer8.3A.12   Responsibility for placement and care
spacer8.3A.13   Voluntary placement agreements
spacer8.3A.14   Voluntary relinquishments
spacer8.3A.15   When payments may begin
spacer8.3B   Payments
spacer8.3B.1   Allowable costs
spacer8.3B.2   Rates
spacer8.3C   State Plan/Procedural Requirements
spacer8.3C.1   Case plans
spacer8.3C.2   Case review system
spacer8.3C.2a   date a child is considered to have entered foster care
spacer8.3C.2b   notice and opportunity to be heard
spacer8.3C.2c   permanency hearings
spacer8.3C.2d   six month periodic reviews
spacer8.3C.2e   termination on parental rights
spacer8.3C.3   Foster care goals
spacer8.3C.4   Reasonable efforts
spacer8.3C.5   Trial home visit

8.4   General Title IV-E Requirements
spacer8.4A   AFDC Eligibility
spacer8.4B   Aliens/Immigrants
spacer8.4C   Child support
spacer8.4D   Concurrent Receipt of Federal Benefits
spacer8.4E   Confidentiality
spacer8.4F   Criminal Record and Registry Checks
spacer8.4G   Fair Hearings
spacer8.4H   Safety Requirements
spacer8.4I   Social Security Numbers

8.5   Guardianship Assistance Program
spacer8.5A   Agreements
spacer8.5B   Eligibility
spacer8.5B.1   Siblings
spacer8.5B.2   Guardian requirements
spacer8.5C   Payments
spacer8.5C.1   Termination
spacer8.5D   Interstate

9.   TRIBES/INDIAN TRIBAL ORGANIZATIONS AND CONSORTIA (policies related to the tribal IV-B/E procedural requirements, tribal IVE agencies and title IV-E agreements)

9.1   Application of Title IV-B and Title IV-E Procedural Requirements

9.2   Application of Title IV-E Eligibility Requirements for Title IV-E Tribal Agencies

9.3   Responsibilities of the Bureau of Indian Affairs

9.4   Title IV-E Agreements