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Child Welfare Policy Manual: Table of Contents

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3.1   Certifications and Requirements
3.1A   Adolescent Participation
3.1B   Age
3.1C   Coordination
3.1D   Fraud and Abuse
3.1E   Miscellaneous Requirements
3.1F   Objective Eligibility Criteria
3.1G   Room and Board
3.1H   Training
3.1I   Tribal

3.2   Data Collection
3.2A   Data Elements
3.2B   Outcome Measures
3.2C   Penalties for Noncompliance
3.2D   Systems Requirements

3.3   Fiscal
3.3A   Administrative Costs
3.3B   Allocations
3.3C   Match
3.3D   Non-supplantation
3.3E   Use of Funds

3.4   Related Foster Care Requirements

3.5   Independent Living, Educational and Training Vouchers
3.5A   Youth Eligibility
3.5B   Coordination and Duplication
3.5C   Eligible Expenses and Institutions
3.5D   Administrative Costs
3.5E   Match
3.5F   Use of Funds