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Child Welfare Policy Manual: Table of Contents

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8.1   Administrative Functions/Costs
8.1A   Allowable Costs - Adoption Assistance Program
8.1B   Allowable Costs - Foster Care Maintenance Payments Program
8.1C   Calculating Claims
8.1D   Candidates
8.1E   Contracting
8.1F   Match Requirements
8.1G   Title IV-E Agreements
8.1H   Training

8.2   Adoption Assistance Program
8.2A   Agreements
8.2A.1   Interstate placements
8.2A.2   Means test
8.2B   Eligibility
8.2B.1   Biological parents
8.2B.2   Children in foster care
8.2B.3   Child of a minor parent
8.2B.4   Deceased adoptive parents/dissolved adoptions
8.2B.5   Independent Adoptions
8.2B.6   International Adoptions
8.2B.7   Judicial determinations
8.2B.8   Medicaid
8.2B.9   Redeterminations
8.2B.10   Responsibility for placement and care
8.2B.11   Special needs
8.2B.12   SSI
8.2B.13   Voluntary relinquishments
8.2C   Interstate Compact
8.2D   Payments
8.2D.1   Allowable costs
8.2D.2   Duration
8.2D.3   Non-recurring expenses
8.2D.4   Rates
8.2D.5   Termination
8.2E   Promoting Adoption Assistance

8.3   Foster Care Maintenance Payments Program
8.3A   Eligibility
8.3A.1   Adjudicated delinquents
8.3A.2   Age
8.3A.3   Biological parents
8.3A.4   Child in facility outside scope of foster care
8.3A.5   Child of a minor parent
8.3A.6   Contrary to the welfare
8.3A.7   Documentation of judicial determinations
8.3A.8   Facilities requirements
8.3A.8a   child-care institution
8.3A.8b   foster family home
8.3A.8c   licensing
8.3A.8d   supervised independent living
8.3A.9   Reasonable efforts
8.3A.9a   to finalize a permanency plan
8.3A.9b   to prevent a removal
8.3A.9c   to qualify language in court orders
8.3A.10   Redeterminations
8.3A.11   Removal from the home/living with
8.3A.12   Responsibility for placement and care
8.3A.13   Voluntary placement agreements
8.3A.14   Voluntary relinquishments
8.3A.15   When payments may begin
8.3B   Payments
8.3B.1   Allowable costs
8.3B.2   Rates
8.3C   State Plan/Procedural Requirements
8.3C.1   Case plans
8.3C.2   Case review system
8.3C.2a   date a child is considered to have entered foster care
8.3C.2b   notice and opportunity to be heard
8.3C.2c   permanency hearings
8.3C.2d   six month periodic reviews
8.3C.2e   termination on parental rights
8.3C.3   Foster care goals
8.3C.4   Reasonable efforts
8.3C.5   Trial home visit

8.4   General Title IV-E Requirements
8.4A   AFDC Eligibility
8.4B   Aliens/Immigrants
8.4C   Child support
8.4D   Concurrent Receipt of Federal Benefits
8.4E   Confidentiality
8.4F   Criminal Record and Registry Checks
8.4G   Fair Hearings
8.4H   Safety Requirements
8.4I   Social Security Numbers

8.5   Guardianship Assistance Program
8.5A   Agreements
8.5B   Eligibility
8.5B.1   Siblings
8.5B.2   Guardian requirements
8.5C   Payments
8.5C.1   Termination
8.5D   Interstate