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1.3  AFCARS, Reporting Population

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Question 1.  
Please clarify the definition of the AFCARS foster care reporting population, that is, the children States are to submit AFCARS data on.

Question 2.  
Should children who are still receiving funding from the State agency be reported on in AFCARS even if they are age 18 or over?

Question 3.  
Are past placement histories to be included or only current active cases?

Question 4.  
Do States report on the children in State custody even though the State has no placement or financial responsibility?

Question 5.  
Do States report on children whose care is in the control of tribal courts?

Question 6.  
What guidelines or qualifiers, if any, exist as to the inclusion of American Indian children in the AFCARS reporting population?

Question 7.  
Do States report on children in private agency care?

Question 8.  
What is the relationship between State and tribal organizations to access client data, especially non-IV-E funded clients?

Question 9.  
What agency submits data on adoption for children placed out of State (i.e., cooperative placement agreements)?

Question 10.  
Under what circumstances, if any, should children in emergency care be included in the AFCARS reporting population?

Question 11.  
Are children at home (i.e., trial home visits) to be included in the AFCARS reporting population?

Question 12.  
Are children in juvenile justice facilities included in AFCARS reporting?

Question 13.  
What if a child in care is known to two different State agencies? Which agency should report on the child?

Question 14.  
If the State has placement and financial payment responsibility for some children, but the State does not have custody, do we report them?



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