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5.1  MONITORING, Child and Family and Services Review (CFSR)

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Question 1.  
The child and family services review assesses compliance with only certain State plan requirements rather than all State plan requirements. How will you ensure compliance with those State plan requirements not addressed in the child and family services review?

Question 2.  
How will the child and family service reviews work in county-administered systems?

Question 3.  
At 45 CFR 1355.33 (b) are there special requirements or criteria for the "external partners" who are supposed to be included in the child and family services review team? Can these individuals be paid or compensated?

Question 4.  
What are the requirements for ensuring confidentiality during the case review portion of the review?

Question 5.  
For the on-site portion of the review, does including the State's largest metropolitan area impact the representativeness of the sample?

Question 6.  
Do the child and family services reviews cover the title IV-E State plan requirement that prohibits States to delay or deny interjurisdictional adoptions?

Question 7.  
Certain performance indicators do not seem to be applicable to their related outcomes. For example, the performance indicators associated with Well-Being Outcome #1, Families have enhanced capacity to provide for their children's needs, are measures of process and do not equate with enhanced capacity for parents. Please explain the rationale for the choice of these performance indicators.

Question 8.  
Well-Being Outcome #2, "Children receive appropriate services to meet their educational needs," is not an outcome that can necessarily be achieved by the child welfare system. Moreover, we question whether this outcome, as it is stated, meets the definition of an outcome. Please explain the rationale for its inclusion as an outcome.

Question 9.  
In enforcing the national standard for the statewide data indicators, will some States automatically fail to meet the standard, by definition, since the standard is set at the 75th percentile of State performance?

Question 10.  
Is a two year time period (plus the opportunity for a one year extension) for completing a program improvement plan excessive?

Question 11.  
Will you ensure that program improvement plans are consistent with any consent degrees by which States may be bound?

Question 12.  
What are the differences among calculating the amount of the penalty, suspending penalties, and rescinding penalties in the child and family service reviews?

Question 13.  
During a child and family services review, a State must meet certain thresholds to be determined in substantial conformity (i.e., achievement of the outcomes in 90% or 95% of the cases (as applicable) and the national standards for the statewide data indicators). Must the State meet those same standards post-review in order to successfully complete a program improvement plan and for the penalty to be rescinded?



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