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1.2B.3  AFCARS, Data Elements and Definitions, Foster Care Specific Elements, Episode and removal circumstances

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Question 1.  
Following a trial home visit which extends beyond six months and where the child is considered "discharged," what happens if the child returns to a group home? Is this a new placement, a new episode, or an entirely new removal?

Question 2.  
If a child is removed from a home in which a sibling was alleged to have been abused, but the child being removed from the home was not abused, should physical abuse (alleged/reported) be marked as a condition associated with the child's removal?

Question 3.  
What if the only reason for a child's removal from home is mental abuse? How do you code this for AFCARS?

Question 4.  
Please clarify the meaning of the terms removal, placement, episode, and discharge.

Question 5.  
Does the definition of Neglect include cases of failure to provide supervision (non-supervision)?

Question 6.  
For both of the computer-generated transaction dates: should the date be generated on the date that the data was first entered or the date that the data was last updated?

Question 7.  
For a child who is in and out of the foster care system over a period of several years, what does the State report for foster care element 18 "Date of first removal from home" if it does not have the date of the first removal?

Question 8.  
A State title IV-E agency has an agreement in effect pursuant to section 472(a)(2)(B)(ii) of the Social Security Act with the State juvenile justice agency. As such, the State reports to AFCARS children who are in the placement and care responsibility of the State juvenile justice agency and receiving title IV-E foster care maintenance payments in a foster family home or child care institution. When such a child is no longer receiving title IV-E foster care maintenance payments because the child is placed in an unallowable facility (e.g., in detention), should the State stop reporting the child to AFCARS?



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