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3.1F  INDEPENDENT LIVING, Certifications and Requirements, Objective Eligibility Criteria

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Question 1.  
What are the program eligibility requirements for programs and services provided by the State?

Question 2.  
If a foster care youth (under age 18) is placed in another State, which State is responsible for providing the funding for CFCIP services?

Question 3.  
If a former foster care youth (between the ages of 18-21) moves from the State in which he or she aged out of foster care to another State, which State is responsible for providing CFCIP services?

Question 4.  
Does marriage have any impact on a youth's eligibility for CFCIP?

Question 5.  
Can former foster care youth be required by the court to participate in the CFCIP?

Question 6.  
Are youth who do not age out of the foster care system because permanency was attained prior to age 18 eligible for CFCIP services? For example, a youth was in foster care but reunited with his/her family and is living at home or was adopted before attaining 18 years of age. Would such a youth be eligible for CFCIP services at age 18?



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