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3.1I  INDEPENDENT LIVING, Certifications and Requirements, Tribal

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Question 1.  
Must the Tribes participate in the title IV-E program in order to access Chafee Foster Care Independence Program (CFCIP) funds and services? Is their participation in the title IV-E program a prerequisite for soliciting their input?

Question 2.  
Are entities other than "tribes" included in the requirements at section 477(b)(3)(G) of the Social Security Act?

Question 3.  
How will the State document its compliance with the requirements to consult and coordinate with the Tribes?

Question 4.  
Why is the requirement for States to consult with Tribes in the Chafee Foster Care Independence Act?

Question 5.  
Some Tribal representatives feel the wording for the assurance at 477(b)(3)(G) should indicate that "benefits and services under the programs will be made available to Indian youth in the State on "an equal basis" rather than on "the same basis" as to other youth in the State. Is the change in wording allowable?



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