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3.2B  INDEPENDENT LIVING, Data Collection, Outcome Measures

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Question 1.  
Regarding the data element required in 45 CFR 1356.83(g)(6), does the race category of American Indian or Alaska Native include youth who have an attachment or affiliation with a non-Federally recognized Tribe?

Question 2.  
What is the difference between ¿educational financial assistance¿ as required in 45 CFR 1356.83(g)(32) and ¿educational aid¿ as referenced in 45 CFR 1356.83(g)(41)?

Question 3.  
Is the State permitted to conduct data cross-matching with other administrative databases to gather data on youth, such as those maintained by States to support corrections, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Medicaid, employment, education, and child support?

Question 4.  
Regarding the data required in 45 CFR 1356.83(g)(40), should a State report a youth who receives Supplemental Security Income/Social Security Disability Insurance (SSI/SSDI) payments which are applied to the cost of foster care or only those that are paid to the youth directly? What if a youth does not know he/she was an SSI/SSDI recipient if such payments were applied to the cost of foster care? Should a State ¿correct¿ a youth¿s response accordingly?

Question 5.  
Please explain the calculation of the participation rate, as required in 45 CFR 1356.85(b)(3), to exclude youth who are deceased or institutionalized.



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